Tuesday, March 25

Absent ako!

Reason: Not sleeping early; woke up late [sinadya]
Bwahahaha! Kakatamad eh. Yesterday, wala kaming ginawa. Sayang naman uniform kung tambay lang kami. T__T

So, aking napag desisyunan na hindi ako papasok ngayon. So, ayun. I did not go to school. XD

9:30 in the morning my sister woke me up because my classmate called up. Blaming me for not going to school. She has no companion daw. Bwahahaha. Pitiful. T__T Juk^^

So, after that, back to sleep. [haii. sarap!] then, around 1:30 PM. Ginising ako ulit. I thought it's just 11:30 or something.. I was so shocked na ganun na pala 'yung oras. XD Hahaha. This time, kaya niya ako ginising is because.. Venus and Kim [my bf's bestfriends ] wahahah! They are downstairs. Hehehe. As first, I'm really lazy to rise. But then, though still sleepy, wahaha, I went down to have a look. They are there nga. Just passed by.. Wala sigurong magawa! =))

So.. Kwentuhan. etc. Then, we've decided to Kim's place because she already downloaded and watched Hana Kimi [Taiwanese Version] so, I agreed immediately. Wahaha! I told ya, I'm craving for that.=))

So, I took a bath first and they bought Mais. Hehehe. Venus treated me. :)) After that, we left. Walked hanggang sa kanto, then, sakay ng tricycle. We were dropped at M. Roxas [palengke]. We bought Donuts! Yey! My favorite, Bavarian! Yummyyyyyyy! =)) Then, we rode a jeepney, off, walked, until we reached Kim's house. Yay! It's hell hot when we are on our way there.. T_T

Wahaha! So, isang pasada muna ng O2Jam Canon [Orgel Version]; my favorite! Then, Chapter 1 na. Wohuuu! Love every scenes. Venus went home first. Hmmm. Around. 4:30. Ganun. Eh Kim's still sleeping, we're waking her up to tell her that Venus is Leaving. Instead, wahaha! She's Sleep Talking. Like. Uhmm. How to say.. She keeps on telling things na walang connect sa sinasabi namin. And, goes back to sleep. wahaha! After some attempts, I just went together with Venus to see her off. After that, I went back to Kim's to continue watching. .Hahaha. Ayaw kong tigilan 'yung panonood, parang ayaw ko na ngang umuwi eh. Hahaha. I want to finish it there. But, hindi pwede,. I'm on the 6th episode. And, uh! We skipped one episode bacause, nakalimutan yatang i - download ni Kim. To summarize, mahabaaa talaga xa and I can't finish it today thought I want to. Hehehe. So, I went home around.. Uhmm.. Quarter to Nine! Gosh. I was shocked when I noticed the time. Hehehe. I've never been out at my friend's place that late. However, I'm still now nervous, just a little. Hehehe..

So, I carried myself up to the place where jeep load passengers.. Huwaa! It's strange, there were a little jeepneys who are on duty. So, I kept on waiting. Until, sa wakas, nakasakay din. Hahaha.
I paid. P10.00, pinaabot, then, malamang na - recieve nung driver. Eh that time, passengers kept on riding. Hindi na ako nasuklian. Eh. Usually, sukli kagad once you pay. So, I have thoughts on my mind. Hehehe, I'm planning to shout na my concern. And yes, I did it nung papara na ko. I said: manong, 'yung sukli po nung ten pesos.. isa lang po 'yun. Andd. Success! Hahaha. Ok. Walk naman ngayon.. Then, I reached home. Nothing new. My mom just asked.. Why I just arrived that time?! Hehehe. I didn't answer her at first and continue walking going to the fridge. To drink H20. [Refreshing!] =)) Then, she asked me again. Bwahaha! Ang sabi ko lang, nanood kami. That's it. Hindi ako pinagalitan ulit. Bwahaha! Nice! Nice! So nice.. =))

Watta Day!, I did nothing. =))

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