Monday, September 16

not creative at giving titles :D

Back in college,  I remember how excited I was to graduate and get over all the stress of being a student and earn money on my own to buy whatever I want. But some four months after graduation which is about right now, I am certain I want to take those words back.
Hunting for a fresh graduate's first job is never easy, or at least for me  whose mind is forever on a confused state. I, up to now, still don't know if I  am going to pursue a career that is related to my course or something that is different and easy. I'd really want to give teaching a shot because of all the bills and  laws being passed that are beneficial to teachers and the incentives they can get. $_$ But before I even get to that, let's not forget the up and coming Board Examinations for Teachers (LET) which is happening in.....12 days from now and what's alarming is I haven't made any proper prepatations yet. Hence, I could not call myself ready for the exams yet. And I could only imagine myself getting embarassed the moment the results come out and my name isn't there.

On the other hand, when I started joining my friend, Glenda in applying mainly in call center offices for a job, I easily get jitters especially when we're already being interviewed. We went to approximately 4 call centers around the metro to apply and we had a variety of experiences in each. But the last one we both had, is  the center I  really dreamt of being accepted although I guess it'll be better if I won't mention the company's name. It was a real surprise and shock when I got hired in this  company after a  couple of hours of merely walking into the entrance of their office somewhere in Makati. It was quick and before I knew it, I was already there, sitting in front of a round table, an HR personnel discussing the contents of the  probationary contract they're offering and waiting for me to sign.  The fact that I passed all the exams I went through and was being offered to be part of the company already had me speechless, so without putting much thought into it,  I signed lots of paperworks and was informed that the training / "work" will start in ... 2 days. Such short notice!

I  seriously think the company is overrated though, the salary they offer is not high but the quality they're looking for and demand from their employees could be a standard for a CEO's! I'm exaggerating a bit.
Perhaps it's true that this company has to be one of the "best"...bah in terms of call centers in the country, but after my more than three months of stay, the fact that the statement "I've hadenough" came out of my mouth is to attest that they title given to them was too much and a little undeserved.
Fucked up schedule is already a given. Rude customers, is another. Your Team Leader/s are also one thing. The friends you make in your officemates are worth remembering. The schedule that caused you pimples is unacceptable. And of course, the salary is to cry for.
Apart from taking in calls and deal with more or less 30 people of different attitudes per day, it's also our duty to keep our metrics on an  average scale or even higher. I won't go into details on that but seriously, all the stereotypes about call centers being an easy job, after being in this company for 3 months, went down the drain.

And the embarassment I had to go through during the medical as if we're severely ill people. Let's just put it this way. I was thoroughly checked...even down there! Seriously. Get real! Your standards are way too high, it won't hurt to lower them a little and level them with the salary you offer. (PLEASE)
And so after weighing things and nights, nights & more nights of me dragging myself to work  (telling myself I don't wanna go to work anymore) and every interruption and rude actions towards me and us, I decided to let go. Call me "choosy" "maarte" and all those, I don't fcking care. I just made a decision which I hope would do me good.

Which leads me back to the statement I mentioned in college. Now if I could rephrase that, I'd say, if only I could be a student forever, whose life was carefree, happy, pimple-free! (LOL)
PS: I haven't even submitted my resignation yet, my father told me not to go on AWOL but in this company I'm in, after submitting your aapplication for resignation, you'll need to render 30 freakin days of work before they let you go. Seriously?!

Pardon my un-understandable writing and rant. It's been a long while since I last posted and wrote.