Wednesday, October 23

jobless, penny-less and food.

I've been jobless for two weeks now.

I haven't done anything to find a new one.

I am so poor right  now. I need money.

And then there's my hunger. It just won't leave me.

My jeans, shorts...everything's gotten smaller. Everytime I wear them, my waist feels like it's going to burst from the tightness.


And oh, my iPhone's broken for...also going on 2 weeks now :(
Have you ever found yourself blurting out words or phrases involuntarily? I might find that really odd and weird and something I wouldn't find myself doing ever.
 But ever since I have started taking in calls from my now previous job, up until now, I've been doing it.
 At work, before, we receive at least 30 calls a day and in every call, we are supposed to say the same things.
 Well yeah, it's very much scripted which is also why people there kept on saying we can take those calls with our eyes closed and our mind drifting somewhere.

 That could be fun except that it could also make people stupid...which I believe happened to me. T__T

Thursday, October 17

Sharing an old photo of my late hamster and I where it looked as if she's giving me a kiss on the cheek when in reality she wants nothing but to be freed from my grasp and walk and play around.
I'll always miss you, my one and only echoserang hamster! :3

Tuesday, October 15


I am jobless, money-less and insanely hungry all the time

....but I am happy.

Finally getting rid of the freaking job I hated felt like something was lifted off of my shoulders but of course it somewhat worries me that I didn't pursue for a proper and peaceful closure with the company... I just hope it won't bother or affect me in any way in the future. UGH~

Let's just focus on sleeping, eating and searching for a (easy) job for now. We can do this!