Thursday, April 18

phase one

Pardon the "excitement" expressed here because this was supposed to be posted a few days right after graduation but it got stuck up hence became overdue.

As much as the 'other people' are reeling in this event, I am too! It hasn't fully sunk in to me yet that I have finished college. Seemed to me that just yesterday, I was that innocent freshie who stupidly commits mistakes in enrolling and is not familiar with the entire school and new people I come across. But then again, these four  had years had been anything but joke; there were times that I truly cried, laughed, enjoyed things and company; and of course, had also been frustrated and disappointed at times. But thanks to the friends I have had: those who I got upset at, those who meant so much to me  and I know I would keep and also those whom I got infuriated -- the times we shared -- whether through eating out or watching movies in the cinema; those little things mean a lot to me.  My four years in college would not have been this meaningful and memorable without them. Here's a kudos to them because I am such a boring and simple person but they never gave up on me and always supported me. *cries*  And of course, to the professors -- those strict or easy-go-lucky ones. And the *sobs* government for providing the cheapest of education for those who aren't that well-off in life. And to all who have been part of this journey, given the rarest chance to see this, thank you to you too.

But of course, happiness is just temporary as this graduation only meant bigger and heavier responsibilities. And as they always say, it's never the end, but the beginning. So wish me luck and motivation. Toodles! :3