Tuesday, July 16


I've been shipping / supporting a Korean boyband -- mainly; a male couple in it for roughly the past 5 years so two beautiful men being together, so long as the other looks like a girl enough for them to look like a normal couple, it's okay with me.

I've also been reading fanfictions with regard to such male to male stuff so I have nothing against them until Fifty Shades of Grey and Matt Bomer came along. There have been rumors floating around that Matt Bomer will embody Christian and who'd ever say NO to that yummy piece of meat when he's totally going to satisfy or exceed your sexual cravings in that erotic novel turned movie?

Prior to learning about the possibility of him being Christian Grey, I've been aware that he has come out and made some research as to who his partner is really but hasn't paid attention much on it.

Until again, I've come across this post on Plurk where my friends have been talking about Matt Bomer and being the stalker-ish and curious person I am, I decided to look at Matt and his partner (who turned out to be a Simon) on google and guess what? After some eight to ten minutes of deep and scrutinizing look at the photos, I could not help but wonder what Matt saw in his partner for him to like and "make babies" with him. I admit I'm a person who's more into considering the physical appearance of the other person. And it so happened that Simon didn't look that appealing to me....considering his partner is THE MATT BOMER( BONER). So WHY? I just want to know why ... (and this is my curiosity talking right here).

And why won't my nose stop running? It seems to not feel tired at all. UGH!