Saturday, July 25

A month or so dose/s

Annyeong, blogger people!

Annyeong, BTW is an informal word of greeting 'Hello' in Korea. LOL :))

I rarely visit my blogger due to lack of time, oh well, sluggishness and being active to other accounts. So many to manage, little time to spend.

Anyways, I'm gonna be telling some highlights on what is happening to me recently...

I can't get a hold of myself right now. I think I'm loosing control. I don't even know what's happening. In school or at home. Am I getting a bit of abnormal? NEHH.
I just can't somewhat understand my self. Frustrated or what? I laugh. BUT am I happy?
THIS IS HELLA lame. For I, to myself am also lame at this point.

Yay, at last, I have finally decided to transfer, with all of my heart. lolll. To where? Ermm. For now, there are a lot of options but I can't choose where I really want among them. Nevertheless, I sincerely promised to myself to pursue what I really want, no matter what. So whether they like it or not, I'm leaving my present school. LOL :))

FANGIRL, I am, still. But recently, I'm more hooked into Korean pop and stuffs.
Wait, have I already said this? uh-oh. Pardon me, I'm just too ecstatic to share this one. Hahaha.
I just feel delighted and satisfied seeing those idols of mine performing and such. They give me happiness. lol.