Tuesday, September 30

Have you ever?

Have you ever experienced encountering a girl or guy, at a certain place, at an unexpected time for which, you can't take your eyes off of him/her?
I have experienced it. Of course, a guy! For... Once?, I think? I told you, I'm not good in memorizing each experiences I had in the past in my life. Sorry naman :)
But this event is simply prominent in my life because it brought me a different flavor of experience and it is definitely delightful on my part..
The incident happened last September 16,2008 - where all Senior students of our school, as well as the fourth year students of other schools have gone to that university fair? at the PICC Forum something.

I'm gonna get it straight. At the booth of the FEU - East Asia College Well. At first, we just roamed all around, do this and that. I didn't notice this guy which is giving flyers, probably also a student of the said school, promoting.. Until -- Venus told me so. OMG. He's like. Uh-uh Oh-oh. Damn! He's so cute. Haha, just wanna share. And oh, I just can't get over of him, even until now. Sooo, haha. I didn't stop unless I had a picture of him on that very day. Yea, I know it's a bit ashaming and exasperating. But, gawd, if it is a guy like him? He's simply hard to resist! I will not be satisfied without a picture of him with me. So, I asked Chuchai a favor to take a picture of us. Weee. :"> Haha. I can't ask the guy by myself. Thank God Chuchai had the guts of asking him. And luckily, we had this pic:

More pictures on: Chuchai's Friendster :) [<--click this]
Soo. What do you think, huh? I told ya, he's cute. OMG. OMG. Haha, I look so damn FAT on the pic. Annoying :|
Well. That's fine,at least, I had a picture with himm! Haha, insane. :> Yea, I knew it a long long time ago. (^^,)V

And now.. I'll ask you again.. Have you ever?

Sunday, September 28

My Sunday :)

For quite an early morning, I'm up.
Well, have promised myself I will list the things I have to do for this day and have it all done.
The list is quite short yet, brought a big fuss to me.
I just wanted to relax the whole day. But I can't. My tooth aches badly. Suckssss!
I have lots of homeworks to be accomplished today. Darn! That's a rush, well, for me. :)
Our day-out happened again. We went to the Seaside for Lolo, to catch some fresh air, and went straightly to the mall.. We need to buy something related to school. I can say, school supplies, that sounds better. :D
While we are on the seaside, we're like camera whores. As if we never held a camera before. Especially Bebeng. Dang! She's annoying. But I'm more annoying. Why am I so irritated with what she is doing when I'm actually doing the same way? Weird and Lame again!

On our way to the mall, it's been quite traffic. We are on that certain spot when I accidentally turned on the car behind us. Woo! This guy is.. OMG. He's on the driver seat and is looking at me [as if! He's looking at me because he needs to. And if not, he's finished.] Oops! I mean, they. He's with his girlfriend, I bet. I forgot to tell, he's extremely cute. He looks like Chris Tiu of the Ateneo Blue Eagles. And OMG, his car is so damn hot. As same as he. :)
Sad to say, I just had a glimpse of him. I want more of him! Though from afar and only with a look.

That's all. Well. Not really. Those are just the highlights of the day. I'm gonna share this picture of ME! =D
Taken by my mother, initiated by me. The edit thing is by the cellphone so, thanks to him/her? Whatever! Haha. :))

Friday, September 26


My life is getting more and more upsetting.
Gusto kong mag-post eh. But I don't really wanna share what I'm feeling right now.
I just want to cry, that's all. Pero walang luha na lumalabas sa mata ko..
Above anything else, I'M NOT EMO!.. I'm just a person. At times, fragile and broken. I need to cry to express and release the sadness I feel inside.
For the first time, I posted something like this. (=/)
I don't want to be bitter. Not now, and not more on the future. I'd never be bitter. I'd rather smile, hide the pain for a while and let go. There's no space for bitterness!

I'm just gonna share to you random stuffs na pinaggagagawa ko presently. Weird :|

> First of all, 1st day ngayon ng concert ng Fahrenheit. Their first stop is in Hong Kong.. [how I really wish I was there.. Behind them.. Supporting them, cheering for them! That's the happiest thing that will occur in my life, if ever that happens]

> I hate someone right now. Well. The 'hatred' is getting less. Besides, as I have said, I don't want to be bitter. Fake a smile!

> I'm currently watching a Japanese-Korean drama entitled: Friends.. I exchanged it with the DVD I bought, which is Bull Fighting. The series isn't complete that's why I returned it. And now, I got the series I am currently watching.

> Ateneo won over La Salle in the Season 71 of the UAAP. OMG, Go Ateneo! Go Chris! XD

> I missed the UAAP cheerdance performance of the schools who fought. I want to watch the performances especially of the champ, UP.

> I've finally gotten over of Wittman. Plus! I feel annoyed whenever I see him. Haha. Pagdating sa kanya, ok lang na mainis ako. Wala na namang 'spark' eh. Besides, hindi lang naman ako ang pissed sa kanya. I have companions. =D

> I don't feel well. Different parts of my body aches. Lame.

> I found out that the Fahrenheit boys are all injured this time. And they actually ignored these injuries and decided to pursue on their tour concert. I'm a bit worried on them because I LOVE THEM, down to Earth!

> The fact that I do not have anything more to write in here. So lastly,

> There are 90 more days remaining before Christmas!

Thanks for reading this meaningless post. Thanks for your time. CE forever! =)

Saturday, September 20

Dream on, girl :]

Oh yes. Ito na naman ako. Maghahasik ng lagim. Bigla kasing may pumasok sa isip ko eh. na dapat kong i-share bago pa man ako sumabog sa nadadama kong puot. [woo! anu 'yun?]

Nitong mga nakalipas na linggo, may umeepal na babae sa buhay ni CHUN ko. Kung sa bagay, hindi naman kasi maiiwasan ang mga ganong klase ng insidente dahil sila ay nagsasama sa isang project na movie, entitled: Butterfly Lovers... Ito ang first movie nu Chun ever! And guess what? Ang epal nung ka-love team niya. Tsk. Tsk.


Name: Ah Sa / Charlene Choi

Occupation: Ipagpilitan ang kanyang sarili kay Chunnie, akitin si Chun, at umepal sa buhay ni Chun.

Other info's: sa kasalukuyan, marami na ang galit sa kanya, kabilang na ako dun. Apparently, hindi lang galit, galit na galit eh. See the difference? :)

It all started sa....

Yun sa movie nga, She [Ah Sa] and Chun is filming [malamang!]
So ayun, sa pabalita balita ko kay Chun. Eh, amp! Lagi na lang si Ah Sa at si Chun and headline. And it all shows na Ah sa lang ang gumagawa ng topic para mapabalita sila. Kung hindi xa ganun, wala naman talaga eh. Wala naman kasing any 'spark' or something si Ah Sa para kay Chun.. Chun admitted that many times! Then, ito namang si Ah Sa. Ayaw tumigil! Ang lakas ng fighting spirit.
Biruin mong, aminin sa public na She fell inlove with Chun? Watda?! Anu ba namang klaseng babae 'yan oh.... Ok na sana eh, kung hindi lang epal. Ayan tuloy, ang dami nang galit sa kanya. Grrr!
Lalo na kaming mga ChunElla fans~
Syempre.. Para sa amin, si Ella lang ang para kay Chunnie! Forever and everrr. :]]

The drive na magpost na ko today.. Eh sa mga recent news about sa kanila. Grabe na! If interested kang malaman or something, visit: http://frhfamilypinas.net

Ang dami ngang nagsasabi eh, tamang tama sa kanya 'yung name niyang 'Ah Sa' ASA siya kay Chun.
Ito pa! One time na she went to Taiwan. On the very first day na nandun xa, nakipagkita kagad xa kay Chun. Ok na naman sana eh. Kung hindi lang sa suot niya. Wooo!
Ang ikli ng shorts man.. Oo nga, sexy ka na nga. Haha. Anyways, may pinanggalingan yata xang something before nung appointment nila ni Chun kaya ganun 'yung suot niya.
PERO! Hindi pa dn 'yung sapat na excuse. Sana naman nagpalit ka muna bago ka dumeretso sa resto, 'di ba? Kung may mission nga naman oh..

Haha.. Ano, ok ka pa? Ang epal niya no... Lahat ginagawa niya para mapalapit kay Chunnie. And that's annoying. Lagi na lang tuloy silang nalilink ngayon. Oo, normal lang 'yun. Kasi ganun din naman si Chun sa mga past loveteams niya eh. Woo! ELLA :]
Pero, iba 'tong kay Ah Sa eh, ang kaps kasi nung girl na 'yung eh. Kaya ayun, Dream On, girl
Akala mo naman kung sino sa buhay ni Chun. Chun said na they have a good relationship . FRIENDS lang meaning nun. But nothing more that that daw! Wuhoo. Go Chunnie!ILoveYou.
Mabuti 'yang 'wag mo nang pa-ASAhin si Ah Sa.

'Thing to conclude': Because of Chun's statements, I'm having wild thoughts in mind. Haha, It's just because there's only ELLA in Chun's heart and nothing else. No any other girls.

I'm still Mouthful of Words. I want to say more!
This is just the thing I'm gonna leave for this post..
I have faith on Chun and Ella. I believe.. :]


Imma share this picture which I got on the site given ^^
I just love it. Woo! 10 rules (^^,)V

101010 ;p

Look at the HAT of Chun and their hands!

Friday, September 19


Oooh! Ayus nooo, bago na skin ng BLAGER ko. Haha, umaasenso naman ako kahit paminsan - minsan lang... At ito, may test bukas, OL pa din! Woooo~ Haha, umaasenso ulet? Ehem ehem, hindi naman. Sige ka, baka ma-flatter ako niyan. LOL~

At ito naman ang bago sa akin.. Haha, wala naman actually..

Ayun! Nag-celebrate kami ng bday ni Miltot kahapon. Oh 'di ba, si-nurprise namin xa. Haha, surprised nga ba xa? Click the link, blog niya 'yan.

Tapos, ayun. Katatapos lang ng first day ng Monthly Test namin. And crap! It's Friday today. Tulad na naman nung past test, may pasok kami ng Saturday, that's tomorrow. Sucks! :| Nakakapagod ah, wala namang wenta ang ercon [air con] nagtitipid ang aming paggalanteng eskwelahan. Booo! Boooo! Haha (^^,)V
Kasi naman eh, ang INIIIT sa room.. Hindi ma-feel na may air con. Anu pang purpose at nilagay nila 'yun dun? Recently talaga, 'yung 'yung napapansin ko. Pero, it doesn't bother me really. Kasi at least may hangin. Pero, unfair! Ang mahal ng tuition eh. Mga Kurakot sila. Bwahahaha!
Kamustahin mo naman ang exam ko.. Ayun, English kanina. Ok lang, ni-nosebleed lang naman ako.. NO JOKE! Haha, habang nag-e - exam ako e, tumutulo 'yung sipon ko. Singot na ko nang singot. Pilit talagang lumalabas 'yung substance. Haha, ayaw paawat! Sakto 'yun ah, English pa man din 'yung exam.. XD
Wag mo nang kamustahin 'yung ibang subjects. Masasabi ko lang, mahirap. Sus naman, wala nang madali ngayon no! Haha, IDNTCRE! :D

So ito, haha. Wala nang masabi pero gustong gumalaw ng mga kamay ko. Ewan ah! Haha. Soo ayun! Haha, naaamoy ko na ang simoy ng pasko. Naglagay na nga ako ng Countdown sa last post ko. Ayun oh, nagbiblink sa baba.
Pero ngayon, ibang countdown muna ilalagay ko. Kasi naman eh. :">
Haha. Ilang tulog na lang...

... Naaamoy ko na si CHUN!
Haha, yep, yer right, lapit na ng Birthday niya amp. Trenta na xa. [LOL~ Talagang in-words haha.] I soo love this creature.. Kung alam lang niya.. *woot!* Drama Queen. Amp. Di bagay. Haha. :))

21 days to go before Chun's Birthday <3

Wednesday, September 17

My top 2 favorites among my favorites..

1. Sleeping --> It is for me, a Paradise.
2. Surfing the Net --> I'm not alone, numerous people also love this. :)
These past few days, I dunno why, I feel like I'm being out of my own system, my daily routine. It's kinda weird but that's what I observe about myself. I spend so much time using the computer. And when I need to do houseworks for a while, I can't help but to feel sluggish. Leaving those responsibilities as an additional to the loads of my mother.

Just this morning, I felt like my conscience was being triggered. I refused to wash our dirty plates last night. I have slept than doing it. I wasn't able to get up any longer. It was a good and straight sleep.
I woke up, the dishes are done. Perhaps, if those are still left unwashed, then I woke up, I won't still be able to work on those because I would be even more late in coming to school, no change.

I just just sensed this. I want to evade the usage of computer. But hell, I can't. I won't even last a day without checking my Friendster, Multiply account and all my favorite-to-visit sites.
I'm being useless these days. And I want to cut the scene!
I don't want to be nasty and adamant. I suck! What should I do? I'm DISARRAYED.

Yes, Sleeping is very GOOD! As I have said, a Paradise. but am I getting too much? Same thing with the span of time I spend in using the computer..
I know it myself, nu-uh. This is non sense. I need to cut this crap. Whatta post? Nevermind this, I'm out of myself while writing this. :]

99 days to go before Christmas!

Friday, September 5

Mabuhay, WISDOM! :]]

Maingay ['yung walang sense.], walang ibubuga, laging kinukumpara, wala na, WORST na daw kami..

Yea, Wisdom is my, and OUR section. We are all imperfect, we make noise, an unreasonable and dreadful noise.

All solutions, I think were brought up to us by our very trying officers. They depicted their roles and responsibilities. Yet, despite of all these efforts, nothing changed in our daily 'kaingayan'. In fact, we went more bad than before. This affected our grades, of course, our image. Like, duh?! we are fourth-year students and we are acting in this disgracing manner. Even lower year levels look at us without any respect. They even bully our Identity clap.. Uh, oh.. Not gonna elaborate more on this. It's embarrassing, HONESTLY!

Just this morning, I'll not say what we've done but the moment we, WISDOM went out of our room, most of us didn't help but to cry.. Everyone for me, was happy for what have... :P
We went down hands at the back, straight line, did not make much noise of the useless aluminums placed on each steps of the stairs.. This is the First Time! And hell, it id so damn TOUCHING to see them like this, include me?! Thanks! :]
We ate our recess at our mini - auditorium specifically on the stage where we, Wisdom had some time of Bonding, sharing of our baons and foods bought from the canteen. I was definitely happy seeing the section like this.. :)
I hope this will continue until the end of the school year..