Tuesday, April 14

Hot Shot Mania!

As we call it.

With the stroke of coincidence, I entered this site and saw a contest for which, the first 100 people to send an e-mail to them will win a Hot Shot poster.
Of course, why don't I give a try? It's still a poster, though.. But I really don't expect to win. I never thought that I would still be included in the top 100 list.
Well, I am indeed, happy for winning the poster.
But my major problem is... how to claim it?!
Oh well, the place for claiming is at ABS-CBN. -;- How could I even go there?
I didn't even tell my parents that I won. Perhaps, if I tell them, they'd just tell me to stop doing such things because they think it's very shallow and cheap. I hate it.
Thank God Daph volunteered to accompany me to go there. Hahaha. I got my hopes up then.
It is our first time to go to Quezon City by ourselves. Well, they say, it's part of experience and of growing. Nyay!
It's a long and exhausting trip, I have to admit. Plus the unbearable heat of the sun at that moment. *sighs*

Anyways, the effort is all worth it.
Our worn-out bodies have been elated when we finally got my poster!

It's a fun trip though! :)

PS: Watch Hot Shot @ ABS-CBN; weekdays; 5:15 PM