Wednesday, January 30


I have gone back from the 3-day educational retreat we had in Baguio. Well what can I say?

This is the farthest place I have ever been to away from home. Thus the nausea and all in the bus (imagine, 6-8 hours of time travel! T_T)
Apart from the seminars, sharings and crying stuff we had, we also imparted goodbye messages to our lovely professors and of course, the highlight was the bonding we had as a class and with friends.

Given that we are 7 in the room, all girls and crazy and happy people, the room was a mess (literally) and full of laughter! To be honest, the 3 days weren't enough because of the genuine fun you're having with your friends and technically, this is the last activity we will ever have as students and as a class thus it's bittersweet and I personally cannot help but savor each moment and hope it''ll never end.

The moment we got off the bus, we knew we were in Baguio. It actually felt we're in a different snowing-country because of the smoke that comes out from our mouths when we talk and that moment was actually a picture perfect one because everyone looked like they've gone back to being kids, being jolly and all over a shallow thing. Pardon us, it's almost everyone's first time to be there and the only problem we encountered was taking a bath. The water's freezing, at any time of the day and we're all thankful we have a roommate who thought of bringing a water boiler that alleviated the coldness. Gosh, it's indeed freezing there! T___T

The food was mighty fine and sumptuous considering they've opted for a catering service. There were countless of times we asked for refills of foods and even got to wrap them and take them to our room to eat (hee hee).

The only stuff I dread was the journey back home where it took us so long for the driver took many different shortcuts to avoid paying expensive tollgate fees which explains our hurting stomachs and heads nevertheless, this Chrysalis activity was a very fun, sulit and worth it experience! I love you, college professors, classmates! ^__^

Thank you Lord for the safe trip :)

Friday, January 25

so it begins

The very last, most intimidating and confusing subject of my college life had begun. Practice Teaching, which is composed of 6 units was assigned for us to take this last quarter (4th). After we have completed all the academic subjects in our entire lifetime as students in PNU, we are off to experience the real challenge and application of they say, 'everything we learned' in school to teaching /real/ students.

Ugh! It hasn't been a full week yet but how frustrating and confusing everything is! What's more is that we're individually assigned to a classroom and Cooperating Teacher of our choice. Before and now, I still am not confident about this. But I hope we all finish this smoothly.

I've quite liked teaching when I was young but the idea and desire just vanished while I was growing up. They say, this Practice Teaching course would let you love teaching more (which is happening to some of my classmates right now) but I think it doesn't have the same effect on me. Oh dear~ We can do this. We can. I can. We all can.

Friday, January 18

t i r e d

This week has been nothing but a blast and it caused too much hair fall, sleepless nights, dark circles and so much yearning for your bed.

For the reason that we failed to pay our dues for 2 consecutive months of our phone bill, our internet connection was cut for 5 days, making me cry out loud literally and extra stressed. Believe me, nothing is compared with the joy I felt the moment I opened our browser and knew our connection is back. /bounces

This week is technically the last week of the 3rd quarter thus requirements and unfinished tasks in school are being rushed to no end. Had only 4 hours or less of sleep last night. Eyes are droopy. Professors are so darn demanding!

Which explains how I'm utterly spent and want nothing but to sleep right now.

Good night. :3

Wednesday, January 2

i've got news no one's interested to hear

Hey you! Yes, you! Did you know I turned twenty just today? I bet not. That's basically because being an ordinary person means no one actually cares if you celebrate your birthday or die any moment, well except for some 'concerned' and 'close' friends. I myself is bad at remembering birthdays so most of the time, I miss out and fail to greet my friends during their birthdays but thanks for new means like Facebook to remind me who the celebrants are for this day and blah.

My birthdays have always been ordinary since I stepped in to my teenage years and my siblings coming to life, for I was well reminded of my parents how extravagant they used to celebrate my birthdays (or more like month-days) when I was still a baby, being the first-born in the family and all. I wish I understood how things are back then, but I'm just a baby. /pouts

I woke up this morning, feeling afresh and it took me a minute before I could take in that it is my birthday! Oh just how more ordinary could this day get? I shouldn't start fussing around but damn, the fact that I am twenty (nope, I won't write this in digits) is so...disturbing. How fast time flies, indeed. And this fact kind of scares me in some ways I cannot explain. Don't worry, having a love life isn't one of them. /winks

Here's a checklist of some typical and untypical stuff happening on my birthdays~ as if someone would be interested enough to read them:

This year (2013),

I received no material gifts (typical)
We have no food to feast on  (typical)
My father didn't even bother to suggest taking us out to eat in a restaurant of some sort  (SO UNTYPICAL)
I've aged (typical and surreal)
Nobody greeted me (because that's what I wanted)
My 'highschool friends' didn't even send me a greeting (quite typical)
I AM BORED AND SLEEPY (SO..TYPICAL, I remember how much sleepy I was while celebrating my 7th birthday party at home that I went straight to our bedroom in the middle of the party and my mother have to wake and drag me up)

Now now now, January 3 makes not much of a difference than any the days in a year for me~ except that yes, I have aged. (OMG, I just cannot accept, please give me some milk tea and I'll be okay).

Next post:

My brother...cooked something for me as a gift? O__o am I dreaming? (HEEEEE~)