Friday, October 31

Happy Halloween

Erm.. I'm sorry if I used the wrong term "Happy" since it's All Souls' Day. Shouldn't people mourn, anyway for commemorating their deceased loved ones?
Oh, never mind. I just want it that way though.

I'm greeting everyone out there a Happy Halloween. Are you happy? If you're sad. Hmm. I'll just greet you a Sad Halloween. Kidding. :))

Tomorrow will be the day. Whoaa! It's nakakataas ng balahibo. Lalabas na ang mga multo! XD

Wednesday, October 29

Face Down

I accidentally saw Angelique's phone on the Second Day of Foundation Days. I instantly remembered the drastic incident happened to me and to the phone I brought to school on the first day. I asked her if she has a letter, anyway. She said no... I was alarmed, of course. I already experienced how it is like to confiscate something from you. But she said she has a way if ever the phone was caught. Ok. Breath!
I borrowed her phone for sometime while the BORING program is ongoing. Kinalikot ko 'yung phone niya, in short
I, then arrived on the Music player thingy. I browsed her playlist. I saw the track
'Face Down' by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. The title's pretty familiar. So I listened to it. And... Whoa! I liked the song. Though actually, I cannot hear it clearly since I was using the phone secretly, because phones are stil forbidden to be brought to the school. How annoying! Imagine, it is already Foundation Days, bawal pa din cellphones? f*ck!
Anyway, I promised from that very moment I will download that song once I got home.
And so, I did it. My gosh! It's awesome. The song is awesome. The music, the voice. They are all awesome and marvelous! Wohaa! I think.. I play it 5 or more times a day. I'm that obsessed. :)

I successfully got a cut last night. And I'm sorry. I broke my promise.. The hairdresser did it above the shoulder. Really short! Phew. And take note. I do have a bangs now. A real bangs that I have always dreamed of. Though tumitikwas 'yung sa may dulo. It's alright. Sana ma-carry ko 'to nang maayos sa Tuesday, that's when the classes will resume. Phew! I'm nervous, but thinking I have a companion o 'kadamay' with this struggle, it feels pretty good also. Perhaps, I can't also deny, feel ko 'yung hair ko! Amp. :]

Monday, October 27

A haircut, hopefully

I have been longing to get a haircut for the past weeks. But because of my sluggishness, no actions have been taken place yet.
This time, this afternoon, I will make sure my hair will get a cut. From what parlor? Hmmm. Bahala na
Besides, Daph also got a haircut. Madaya. She got it first. Haha! Kidding. So she's convincing me to also have it. So.. This is it! But then, I cannot promise I could make my hair shorter; somewhat above the shoulder? Hmmm. No, no! I cannot do so. Hindi bagay sa akin, honestly. Gotta go now! My head aches again, for the nth time. Anyways, gotta prepare!


If only..

If only I could read and understand the Mandarin language.. Then there would be no fuss and hassles.
Just now, as I was informed, Fahrenheit Family Philippines shared this thread where it has the link of a certain website wherein anyone, most especially FRH and SHE fanatics will have the chance to chat with the real Chun, Calvin, Jiro, Aaron, Hebe, Ella and Selina!
It might be unbelievable, but this is a very rare and great opportunity for us.
The title goes as: 'Chat with FRH + SHE 10/27/08'at 3 pm.
I wasn't online yet at exactly 3:00. Little did I know about this, neither. It just happened that Daph told me about it. Thus, I went online at around 3:45. Apparently, not having the nerve to do so. I was hopeless, just giving up like that. But, luckily, I gave it a try and finally, found my self on the website link given.

As a Dial-up user, my motto is: 'Patience is a virtue'. Actually, the site is quite slow, with the window title in Mandarin. I waited for sometime. And.. OMG! At last! It appeared! But, uh... I cannot understand a thing. It's all written in the Mandarin language. Except those messages rendered by my Fellow-Fahrenheit Family members. Aww. How sad. Nevertheless, I just typed my message for Fahrenheit and SHE. Without understanding well what to do.
Of course, I had problems at first on posting it. But I tried, until to the point that I almost gave up.. But I did it! Successfully. My heart felt delighted. Hoping that they could understand and read that. Since there are thousands of posts posted. Seems that. Fans from different parts of the world send messages every second. Making my one and only post be pushed down, not visible. Made me think there is 40% chance they could see it. But, will they be able to understand? Hmm. Maybe yes, Cal or Chun? Hihi. Daydreaming! :]

See my message:

Saturday, October 25

The Seniors' Victory

And the latest news of the century........

*plays Disturbia - Rihanna*


Oh yea. It's very clear and true. We, the Seniors got the precious First place for the First-ever competition of Cheerdance at our school! It's hell overwhelming. Obviously, we beat the other year levels. Most especially the Juniors, our greatest rival ever! What an accomplishment for us. Moreover, they landed at cellar's spot, which is the 4th place in the final standing. It happened this afternoon. Despite of the hindrances like the lame and dreadful weather, we made it! Oh fate and destiny and all! Haha :) A tearful moment after the winners [from the 4th to the 1st placers] were announced. We shouted and jumped for joy. A Euphoria, indeed! The whole thing was 'sulit'. Can't help to miss every moment of joy. Hugging each fellow- seniors, tears falling for joy! Waaaahh. This triumph of ours is a reward for all the efforts we have exerted for this competition! I love it :]

*banner courtesy of our hardworking props; headed by Kim:)*

Seniors, Shine On! :)

Thursday, October 23

First day

Whatever will be, will be.

To make the loong blahs short,

this first day of Foundation days sucks!

First, it's too boring. Yea, there stood the booths, foods, etc.

Cellphones are not allowed. Oh yea, I didn't think twice, I still brought it, more so, without a waiver! Lakas ng loob :)
Only to the reason that I anticipated that many of my fellow-students will also bring.
We went back and forth to our places, sat anywhere, stare at what are the others are doing. And it's damn hot. Who would want to pursue with that kind of situation?
But we're stuck until 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Sucks!

Doing nothing, many things just happened, happened very fast that I almost forgot details of those.
It was near the dismissal time, as usual, we were sitting and doing nothing. When this POD [Prefect Of Discipline] of our school came near to us and shouted my name. Gawd! I'm not in the mood at that time. I immediately asked myself: 'what does she want? annoying...'
And then she continued: 'Corina! Labas mo cellphone mo..'
Being too honest and obedient, I brought it out and unhesitatingly gave it to her. I told to myself: how did she know? I am being very careful of not showing it. Maybe someone reported it to her. Naa, childish!
Nagising ako since then.
But I acted cool and as if not nervous. But actually, I'm a bit scared because the phone is not mine. It's my father's.
I just thought of it, though I can't think straight. And when 3 o'clock came, I searched for her. Desperate enough to confront her for my rights with my phone.

So many things happened. She reported the incident to my adviser, I called my mom.
I won't sleep if the phone isn't at my hands. I won't let her have it overnight. Hindi ko na pinagpabukas. But conflicts occured. I waited very long enough for my mother at school. Namuti na 'yung mata ko. Wala pa akong kasama. So I went home. When I arrived home, nagkasalisihan. They left already! Naah. So sick. Kasi naman eh. Nothing like this would happen if no one saw it. Haha, I knew who saw it. Our POD told it to me! Hah, whatever!
Despite of these hindrances, luckily, the phone arrived safe home. *breath!*
Good thing mama, asked the guard and led her to our POD without me accompanying her. Haha! I'm proud to have such a smart mom. :)
But my mother told me it will have this 'agreement' thing which will be in a form of letter which tells that she [my mother] will never allow me again to bring a cellphone.
O crap! As if. Haha! :]]

So.. I got to make that fucking letter now.
For the second day of intrams, which is tomorrow, we will wear our CAT uniform once we come to school in the morning. Yeee. I love it~ Not being officers and just ordinary Cadettes, we will also salute while the flag is being raised tomorrow! Whoa. What's exciting about that, anyway. Hmm. For me, it's nothing but the fact that it will be very much memorable since it will be the first and last time? that we will raise our right hand and salute while the flag is being raised. Haha! I'm just being ecstatic. :D
Ooohh. Haha, lots to say, huh? Hmm. There's more! But I got to prepare for tomorrow. We need to go to school earlier than the usual because of you know, the flag thingy. Yee. Haha! :-)
Ok. Ok.


Wednesday, October 22

Oh retro, oh retro~

Sa wakas naman. Tapos na ang test. But I have this very strong feeling that I will fail MAPEH. Well. That's the way it goes. Ang hirap eh. Anung magagawa ko? That's the hardest, ever! Almost all items, ang lame and hinulaan ko lang.
Let go...
Let go...
Let go!~

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Will be the first day of our Foundation Days ;)
What to expect? We were already given the invitation which has the program and all that.
The theme of our clothes for tomorrow?
Retro! Oh yea, I don't have any clothes with relations to Retro nor trends. I only have simple shirts and pants for ordinary occasions. What's wrong with that, right?

At this time, I have already talked with Daph and we have figured some things out. She is willing to lend me a Retro shirt. And it looks like this:

Is it just right? Well. I think so. Haha, it's better than nothing:)
The upper part is settled. Now, with the lower part. Phew! Good thing, Daph again asked her mom to borrow 2 leggings for someone. Hopefully, I will borrow that too. Haha, so, overall, Daph is my clothes sponsor. Haha, xie xie, ILY :)

I am having an headache since this noon. I decided not to attend the Practice of the Living Rosary! Haha, boycott?
What to expect tomorrow?
Hmm. I guess it's gonna be boring and fun at the same time.
Oh men! Uuwi na lang ako nang maaga. Pwede naman eh. :))
And oh, the booth of our class [Wisdom!] is the Movie World O_O
Okay.. :)
Gotta gow. Still have to go with my momma at the Church.
*still having a headache*
wala pa kasing tulog! lol

Currently Watching: Love Contract. :D

Sunday, October 19


What now?

Gone from school. First day of exams. >_< Kakadugo!
Oh Damn Math. Don't ask why. Trigonometry? Don't dare expect.

Ito pa.. CL Dang! Isa pa 'to eh. Killed me. :|
Computer? Way good. I think?
TLE? Hmmm................

I refused to finish our project in computer. I was only way half of it. Not knowing today is the deadline. It was a rush since last night! Imagine that? I haven't even managed to review well. However, I just submitted it that way. Kesa naman wala, 'di ba???

Consequent projects! T_T
Elective-- Drawing with shading, etc. Will I be able to pass that thingy tomorrow?
AP-- Survey! All Screwed up. Ang gulo. Tapos may graphing pa. Dang!
Science-- A group project. If YOU people don't want to include me in the 'making scene' of this project, it's up to you. It's your loss, not mine. I'm telling ya. :)

What else??...

Hmmm... Dunno. Whatever. And take note! The deadlines of these 'pamatays' are tomorrow or on the next day. Suckss! I'm about to go insane, finally!

If only I am supernatural. :]

Thursday, October 16

Another happy birthday greeting

Haha, I'm crazy, indeed. I just got this thing a while ago from Milrose's USB. I borrowed it to her and she lend it to me for a while. This was a lettering carried out last October 10, 2008 [that's the Birthday of Chun. Hihihi..] The lettering was by Milrose and the idea and message is of course, from the bottom of my heart. Thanks to Kim for scanning.
I added some cute details, I think. Haha, the design I made was a bit childish but I like it. Hope Chun will also do. :]

Wo Ai Ni Chunnie (",)

Monday, October 13

Beyond expectation; believes it is fate

Apparently, I have no time for this. But then I saw this letter from somewhere. It is nakaipit in our Piano - to be gone soon.

It's a letter from FEU. Of course I have distinguished it from the color of the envelope, the logo and all that. A letter?! Before my hands moved and took any actions, I told myself, this is certainly for me!

Thus, I reached for it curiously, while doing such, I informed my mother. Because for sure, she knows about this already. Before I could open the letter and read it, inunahan na niya ako. She told me what it is about, and all that. The letter was already opened! Urghh mga pakialamera. Bwahahaha x-( So, I knew what was it all about. Yep, it is definitely for me, and they are offering me a free entrance examination to be taken from their school, obviously. At first, I was like, I have no plans. But later, I felt kinda excited. Especially at an instant, remembered the 'FEU guy' we saw at the PICC fair. Damn! Is this fate? Or am I dreaming?!

Yes, the examination is free but the tuition fee is absolutely NOT! That's the major and a real huge problem. Yea, dunno what to do about this situation. :|

Sunday, October 12

Perplex Math

I just had the thought of formulating a wish that every equations in Mathematics; particularly in Trigonometry are undefined.

I'm starting to be out. Out of this world again, with math. I dunno. I'm spinned up with our recent lessons in our Trigo class. I mean, as a student, it is my obligation to fully understand and comprehend those darn stuffs. I'm not actually complaining, just asking and truly wondering why there is such a thing like that existing?!
Like what we are always saying in our class: can we buy a kilo of rice using: x2+x3= 0?
Could the vendors understand what on the earth are we saying? It's so damn crazy. :\
Besides, I have no plans of being a Math Geek, an Engineer or Architect, Interior Designer, or everything else.
Simpler Math is a big help to survive.

Friday, October 10

Happy Birthday, Chunnie!

Distance doesn't matter at all! :]

I do badly wish I could be with or even see you from afar on this very important day. Anyways, that doesn't really matter. Haha, I believe. Waht matters is I heart and have faith on you! Oyea! I do!

Wo Ai Ni!

Tuesday, October 7

Someone's following me, scary!

It's really creepy. Helppp! Someone's following meeee...

*knees weakening*

At.. At...

Here! At blogger.

Anna is following me!!

Boom and Ta-daa! Haha, kidding. :)

Haha. Hope you get this one. Anyhows, there is an image below.
Follow me, I'll follow you.. See you in your nightmares! Rawrr! Jokes. ;)

Help me kill the tedium.

Everyday, a student like me is naturally at school. Unless sick or not feeling well, considered as absent.

At our section, every month, we change our sitting arrangement. Yeah, I will almost experience sitting near the 4-corners of the room. And for this month, luckily, I am destined to be on the middle. Hell! I don't want to be placed at the left or right sides. For sure, I will always be feeling sleepy. :/
And so that's how it goes..
I'll share it to you, though I have a seat mate, 'cause I'm sitting by the boundary, everyday felt like I'm always not in the mood studying. If not, my right hand is under my chin, my face looks like this: >o<
BORRINGG! Men, it kills me. But I prefer it this way. I don't feel talking that much to people whom I am not close with. It's better off this way =)

Though there are really these times when I am at my 'hyper mode'. I feel like talking and talking, I'm freaking out, almost. Haha! Well. It's me. There's nothing you can do about that. Think I'm weird? Go on! :)

I just wanted to post. My mind's washed through out. We had just two-consecutive quizzes for this day. We have assignments, PROJECTS:| Hell, bahala na whatever.
It's just very tiring though we sat the whole day. And behold, this Cheerdance Competition went along. I'm a yeller for four-consecutive years.. From my first year to fourth year. I have never changed my position whenever this competition approaches. Haha! I'm indeed, loyal. :)

That's all. Urgghhh. Headache! Rawrr. x-(

Friday, October 3

Tons, loads, what else?

This post is for those people who think that a student's life is simple and effortless. :)

You thought being a student is that easy?

Yes, we sit all day long on our chairs, stare to our teachers' faces and listen to what on earth are they saying, but there is more than that that we do inside the school. Beyond what you think it may be.

Assignments are kinda fine but I'm telling you, if you are in our place, it will definitely give you a headache. Haha, Yes, YOU! :] One best example is what I am experiencing noww. :|

Projects are all going into my nerves as of this moment. Take note, that's with an S. Because of its abundance, I don't know what to do first, until now, nothing has been finished yet. Damn! The deadlines of these projects are chasing me and us, the class. Imagine, our project in our ICT [Computer Subject] class, is to build, design and make our own website using HTML. It was given to us about a week ago. And the deadline would be on the 21st of this month. That soon! What could we do? I don't know what am I supposed to put in there. Are we supernaturals?
Aside from this, we have lots of to-do's in the line. The heck, so, this is how it feels to be a Senior Student. But I can't actually feel the pressure. I still practice the same routine I am into. Computer can't be out of the scene. Somebody knock off my head to wake me up from my sleep and return me to REALITY.

I just bought a new Taiwanese Drama CD, Smiling Pasta. Weee~ Imma watch it later. It's already 12:17 AM. Haha, later is later so maybe I'd not sleep again? OMG. What happened to the Prime Minster if Taiwan? I heard it on the news.

Anyway, tomorrow, I think we will go to PUP to submit my app. form.
Tomorrow will also be the Candyfair! Haha, go go go!

i'm not actually going. I just felt putting that thing in there:)

Why can't you just admit it, Chun?

Before anything else, I want to proudly tell you that I'm a ChunElla fan. No doubt, I'm giving them my 100% blessings, if it is Ella for Chun, there's no problem at all!

At my previous post, 'Dream On, girl' it just showed how annoyed I was when a girl named Ah Sa insists herself to Chun knowing that Chun isn't showing any interests on her.

I was at this certain forum, when I found this thread -- a thread containing a URL of a video which will be a sure proof of Chun's... what can you call this? hmmm.. Chun's Concern or care for Ella. I mean, to Chun, why is he still denying it every time there are people who ask him, what is the status of his relationship to Ella. He kept on answering the phrase: 'Me and Ella are just good friends'.. It's really urging me get pissed on Chun. Plus, there are these other incidents or instances where he shows the he likes Ella.. more than as a friend! And now.. Why are they still friends? Huhuhu. As a ChunElla fan, I want them to go more than that. Well, this is my own perception so please respect if ever you feel I'm very exaggerated or something.. It's an opinion of a Fan. No hard feelings :)v

Check the video I'm talkin' 'bout. It's HERE

This video gave me the thrust to finally get full of Chun! Haha, in terms of Ella. :)


I know that Chun has been linked to other girls he have been with both in drama series and his movie. But, can't you notice, it's been always Ella's name prominent when Chun's love team is asked or is the topic? Why can't it be Angela Zhang? Oh yea, there are people who likes Chun with Angela and I respect that. But what I'm trying to say is that Ella is the one leading among everyone else on this case. And that's really great!
I simply adore Chun and Ella's tandem. This has a history.

Would you believe??

I was at Kim's place when we decided to watch a MV of Hana Kimi, without any further idea. We hit off that first video appeared in there. And heck, at first, would you believe that I hated Ella? For the reason that we thought she was some kind of trying hard to be cute and all that.. Coincidentally, we commented that way because the scene in the Hana Kimi appeared is when Ella wore a long wig. Haha, and her reaction on there. If you don't know anything about the background of the drama, you will think the same way too. Haha, but know, who would expect or think? I will go crazy on Ella and Chun.

Soo. That's all. Soo. Chun, why can't you just admit it so there will be no other girls there who would bother your life. Haha, hear me out Chunnie, hear me out! LOL~

Thursday, October 2

A good news.

My mom is currently browsing the net when I arrived at our home gone from somewhere. She, abruptly called my name and told me a news regarding a Korean actor being married to someone..
The dialogue went like this:

Ui! Si ano oh.. Kasal na! [sabi ni Mama]

Sino?! Ah.. Si Cholo sa Stairway to Heaven.. [sabi ko]

Yep, you got it right. His name is Kwon Sang Woo of the popular-series, Stairway to Heaven with the Filipino character, Cholo.
For more details on their wedding, that go with pictures, and the like, click here

Well... I know this is none of my business, but I care at least a little since I liked the series mentioned for which,he is the main male lead. And perhaps, imagine, he is already married! I mean, he is really someone popular and now, he is already married. So, this is really a big news for all his fans and non-fans like... Me? Haha x-(

At the same time, the news made me nervous :| :|
What if...

One day, I browsed the Net then I saw one of the FRH boys are already married? Without having any further information regarding their relationships, it will surely bring a BIG O_O shock on me. Unless! They are paired up or married with the girls whom I wanted them to be with like for example..
Like what I have been always saying, CHUN with ELLA -- it's for me, a TWO THUMBS UP!
Aside from that, Selina and Hebe would also do for the other boys. Haha, I'm soo crazy and absurd in here.

Really weird: My post is about the Marriage of a Korean actor but then I have shifted unknowingly to Fahrenheit, again! I'm really so damn addicted. :)

Wednesday, October 1


I think it is just normal for each person to yearn for something. To yearn for something which is atleast, possible to achieve or get. And not that type as if it is too high, unreachable and impossible to have.
Blah.. -;- Is it obvious that I am referring into someone? Well... Yes! It's a YESSS! :)
I have these two cravings as of the moment. They are somehow, affordable, I guess..

Number 1 is the book TWILIGHT!!! like... OMG! At first, I have no interests on that thing.. But now! I felt like I have been possessed and too desperate on having a copy. I want to have oneee! Especially now that I knew that they [the bookstores] had just released new stocks of the book! I really want one!

Number 2 is a low-cut Chuck Taylor shoes. Well. Yes, I have a high-cut but my goodness, those shoes are with me for more than a year. I've been using it everywhere I go that requires me to wear those. Pudpod na kung baga over used! So, I wanna try a low-cut.

I guess I am being a bit reasonable on this? But the main problem is money! I have no money! And no one else in this world could buy me these two things but my own self also! So, if I have these goals, I want to acquire all needed requirements for me to own these stuffs by my own and not by other people...But a little help from a family member is very much appreciated. Haha! I don't want to be like somebody else there who aims too much of things as if there's no tomorrow and relies on other people. Hahahaha! Dream on! Peace Out ^^,V

This stuff is kinda dazzling. My attention is diverted while typing this. My brother turned on the radio. Obviously, I can hear it. And heck, it is on that calling part and advice thing. It's disturbing. I cannot concentrate. But, whatever! If ever there is something wrong with this, blame the radio!

For now, we are all waiting for the news for us to know if there will be classes tomorrow. HOPEFULLY THERE WILL BE NOOO CLASSES! *crossed fingers* Haha, who wants to have? You seem to be so desperate in studying. Keep up the good work! It's late! The time will nearly tick on 12 am. I need to go! Thanks for reading and bearing the nonsense. :)