Sunday, April 27

Prince Hours

Weeee~ I have already finished watching PRINCE HOURS; Also known as GOONG S
Hahaha^^ For me, it's a good one also. I find the Male Lead, SE7EN cute. Wahaha^^ [Hindi ko inaagawan si Niña
ah.] Basta. Cute xa dun sa palabas. And I found out na he's a singer pa pala. And dancer ba?!.. Wee~ Wala lang. But, I haven't heard any of his songs yet. I'm looking forward to it.
I just noticed in the setting na 'tinipid' xa. Compared to Princess Hours na bongga talaga. Hahaha^^ Ayun lang. PANSIN ko lang, ha?! =))
&& On the ending, hahaha^^ It's really funny and shocking. Hahaha^^ Happy Ending! Wee~
Lupet! Wahaha^^

P.S.| : Nakakatawa si SE7EN. Kasi naman, 'yung ibang characters dun maxadong seryoso. Wahaha. =)) && Ang SWEET pa. Lalala=)) =)) =))

Friday, April 25

'We' met again. :|

First of all, it's really unexpected though, it is possible to happen. :)

- I just took a fresh bath Yesterday, April 24, 2004; afternoon. I was commanded to buy a tasty bread to obviously, a bakery. :] And so, I agreed because I'm on that 'hyper state'. Meaning, I want to go out for a walk, play?! Whatever, etc. :) I invited my younger sister to join me. Afterwards, my youngest sister also joined us. And because I'm in a good mood, It's alright. I decided to buy at the bakery nearby since we have lots of bakeries out there. Wahaha^^ Besides, HE lives almost there. Basta, ang hirap i - explain eh. :))
And so, we started walking, girls' stuff?! WTF? It's so fun to be with them. Hahaha^^
BUT! When we are almost at the bakery, I felt nervous, I started looking on that street if HE is there. And, OMG?! Like. WTF?! He is there. I saw him playing with his friends. Running everywhere. LOL~ I think he saw me already. I tried to hide everywhere. I dunno why. Maybe I don't want to see him or am I shy?! Whatever!
This is it.. Hahaha^^ Because of that 'awkward' feeling, I told them that we'll go back and buy to another bakery. Hahaha^^ My younger sister objected. She said: 'Why should we go back?! It's almost there. If we go back, we will walk again.' Thus, I have no choice but to continue.
Like. Oh no! He is just there. And I guess, he saw me na. T__T
What should I do?! WTF?! I have no choice. Wahaha=)) Ang arte ko. Leche=)))
So, we crossed the sreet. Because, it's necessary. For us to reach that bakery. Hahaha^^ We stayed far from their place. For which, he cannot see me. Weee.. I'm sweating. Yuck.. Joke! :))
Hahaha^^ We bought what we need. Eh, my sisters pointed something that they want to buy. I cannot think straight anymore. Hahaha^^ I agreed na lang. )) When we finished our stuff there, we were leaving when..




Weee~ At last! I'm at home, blogging. Hahaha^^ So happy. Damn much. =))
Our internet server is ok. After a week and days, I missed this. After lots of possible solutions that was made, it's finally ok. I just knew that my mother payed the bill a while ago, then, I tried it again. I was full of hope though I've tried it several times before and I failed. This time, I, myself when I saw it working that I screamed and did some stuffs like that. Hahaha^^ Almost jumped for joy. Errr, whatever. I'm really happy. :))

Monday, April 21

SERVER.. x-(

I miss BLOGGING like hell.
Our server is currently experiencing some problems. Thus, I cannot surf the internet at home. So now, I'm at the Shop.
I'm not comfortable. Like. I'm Rush Blogging It sucks. Hahaha.
Dunno when we will solve this problem. Hahaha.
It's our SERVER. :]]

-- Missing Fahrenheit to death. =))
-- Started watching Prince Hours [Due to Niña's advice. =))]
Hmm.. Can't think of anything now, That's all..
Ah! Hahaha^^ Seems that my Blogger Friends also changed their URL. Hahaha^^ =))
That's all! :D

Thursday, April 17

My Look - alike?! WTF?! =))

I've encountered such thing before. Hahaha. I'll not mention who's my look alike then. But now, there is another one again. For which, kamukha ko daw talaga?! Hahaha.
It started when Niña gave me a comment at Friendster. She said that I have a look - alike on PBB. I was very curious who is it when I read it. Hahaha. But unfortunately, I cannot figure out who it is because our cable doesn't have Channel 2. T__T How sad.. But anyway, hahaha. We left that topic at that time. This week, I opened my Yahoo! Messenger after a long time of not checking it. Hahaha.. My schoolmate and friend, Christina gave me PM which says, 'Corina, May kamuka ka sa PBB Like.. Huh?! Hahaha^^ Eh. She's great in searching pics, etc. Then, I asked her.. Who is it?1 Give me a pic naman. Then, she gave me. Hahaha. I saw the girl. Her name's Linda.She looks like may lahi.. Ahihihi ;]] Then, Christina said. 'Ikaw yata 'yan eh=))'
I told her it is a big NO! Hahaha. =))

Anna's request. :)

How would I start?! Any topic? Hmm. Let's wait until something pops out from my mind.. Hmm.. I just updated my Welcome Message om my Multiply. And.. Anna asked me what's Ate Leni's URL on Blogspot. Haha^^ I guessed it right! Yey! Hmm.. Anna also asked me where can she get themes for her Multiply. And so, I answered her. Hmm.. Wah! What am I gonna type now?! Urrrghh. Hahaha^^~ Anyway, I asked my mom to buy SAGO in the market because.. Hmm. Nothing. Just want to eat it on it's own or mix it with whatever. Hahaha. Maybe I missed those times when we eat Halo Halo in Lucena. Haha. Ingredients were cooked by my Lola. Hmm.. I remember it again. Yummy! Hahaha^^
What do I think about BLOGGING?!
> Hmm. For me, it's a lot of fun. If you got no one to tell your stuffs, then just type it and publish it. Many people will read it. As if you're sharing it to them. Hahaha. It's a GOOD feeling, either. Perhaps, you are also enhancing your 'typing' skills. Hahaha. For your information, that's also for your OWN benefit. Hahaha^^
My youngest sister, a 4- year old little girl bought a chick. Hahaha. Sisiw on Tagalog. She loves pets / animals, really. She doesn't feel scared. Hahaha. She's braver than us, her older siblings. Anyway, going back to the TOPIC. Huh?! What topic am I in?! Oh, forget it. My LOLO naman hates chicks. Hahaha. As usual, nothing's new. Always like that. Hahaha. Joke^^ Because in his opinion, an ordinary CHICK or any CHICK is a carrier of that certain disease. What do you call that?! BIRDFLU Oh yea, Hahaha^^ However, you know, kids like US are very Hard-Headed. Hahaha. What elders don't like, that's what we, kids like. Hahaha. I'm a kid. A kid - minded. LOL~ =)) Hahaha.

Woohh. I think this is enough. Different thoughts for you to atleast, slightly remove you BOREDOM as of the moment. Hahaha. =))

Before && After.

Hahaha^^ A Photoshop thing.
Picture Taken: March 3,2007 --> Celebration of my BestFriend, Kim's Birthday at Megamall..
Picture from: Milrose :)
Hahaha^^ Nawalan kami parehas ng EYEBAGS. Haha.. I focus on my eyebags these past few days. 'Cause they are expanding. LOL~

Wednesday, April 16

Eyebags, here they come. @__@

Recently, I've been sleeping very early in the morning. Hahaha. Not late at night. But early in the morning. Hahaha^^ Hmm. Around 2 - 3 AM. Wahaha. Doing.. Uhm. Blogging, etc. Internet stuffs, Watching Series^^ Hahaha. ♥ Love it.
That's why. Though I'm waking up at around 11:30 AM. Usually, my eyebags are still there. Wuhuhu! Alive.. And BIG. Wuhuhu! It sucks. And I'm still doing it now, It's already 1:50 in the morning and I'm still awake. Blogging and watching. Hahaha. At the same time? YUP!
Whut the FF?! =))

Tuesday, April 15


Super Duper Hyper Addicted. To da max ako sa mga ito. =))
Hahaha. Sa layout pa lang, kita na. Pero FYI | For Your Information, I'm also addicted to SHE.. Hahaha.

||Picture Taken from the Music Video of Fahrenheit featuring SHE titled XIN WO The song is very great! Hahaha. Very well combination. Ahihihi.. They look fun to be together with. :) I love them! :D ||

Pupunta akong Taiwan. :>

Pupunta akong Taiwan. Ano, sama ka?! Hahaha^^ Hahaha. I'll tell you a TRUE story for which, someone believed me with that Title. Ahihi.. Just a simple chat. Then, I never expected that she will believe me. That she's just riding on my 'trip' ahihi. Unexpected. =))

Nadine Wentz (3/24/2008 8:25:15 PM): bakit ka nag bye?
Nadine Wentz (3/24/2008 8:25:17 PM): hahaha.
Nadine Wentz (3/24/2008 8:25:20 PM): oo talaga!
Nadine Wentz (3/24/2008 8:25:21 PM): ~x(
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:26:22 PM): aalis na ko
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:26:22 PM): :))
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:26:33 PM): punta akong Taiwan :>
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:26:41 PM): i mee - meet ko yung cast ng Hana Kimi :x
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:26:47 PM): 8->
Nadine Wentz (3/24/2008 8:27:01 PM): shushal ka! =))
Nadine Wentz (3/24/2008 8:27:05 PM): pasalubong ha :>
Nadine Wentz (3/24/2008 8:27:12 PM): gusto kong pasalubong yung bida =))
Nadine Wentz (3/24/2008 8:27:19 PM): uwi mo dito haaaaaa/
Nadine Wentz (3/24/2008 8:27:22 PM): swerte. :">
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:27:30 PM): nako. nako. hindi ka makaka - relate sa mga pagkaen nila >:P
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:27:36 PM): lol
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:27:37 PM): lol
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:27:43 PM): sige. itatago ko sa maleta ko.
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:27:44 PM): wah!
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:27:47 PM): ang sarap mangarap
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:27:48 PM): =))
Nadine Wentz (3/24/2008 8:28:09 PM): =))
Nadine Wentz (3/24/2008 8:28:13 PM): okay lang yun
Nadine Wentz (3/24/2008 8:28:15 PM): :))))
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:28:24 PM): hahaha
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:28:24 PM): =))
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:28:36 PM): ui! 'yung lalaking bida lang 'yung isasabit ko :))
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:28:42 PM): wag na yung iba :-j
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:28:43 PM): lol
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:28:44 PM): =))
Nadine Wentz (3/24/2008 8:28:47 PM): :))))))
Nadine Wentz (3/24/2008 8:28:49 PM): adik :))))
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:28:51 PM): hahahaha.
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:28:55 PM): sige! bye! >:D<
Nadine Wentz (3/24/2008 8:29:08 PM): aww.
Nadine Wentz (3/24/2008 8:29:12 PM): ngayon na talaga alis mo?
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:29:16 PM): joke
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:29:16 PM): =))
Nadine Wentz (3/24/2008 8:29:17 PM): as in yung flight? =))
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:29:18 PM): ito naman
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:29:19 PM): =))
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:29:22 PM): joking:))
Nadine Wentz (3/24/2008 8:29:22 PM): sira ka talaga :((
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:29:25 PM): hala.
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:29:27 PM): naniwala ka?
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:29:28 PM): :O
Nadine Wentz (3/24/2008 8:29:28 PM): inuuto mo ko
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:29:31 PM): weh?
Nadine Wentz (3/24/2008 8:29:33 PM): oo :))
Nadine Wentz (3/24/2008 8:29:35 PM): eeeeeeeee.
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:29:35 PM): naniwala ka talagaa
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:29:36 PM): :O
Nadine Wentz (3/24/2008 8:29:38 PM): kasi naman e =))
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:29:39 PM): ay! grabe ito
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:29:40 PM): =))
Nadine Wentz (3/24/2008 8:29:42 PM): oo nga :>
Nadine Wentz (3/24/2008 8:29:42 PM): :))
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:29:46 PM): :))
Nadine Wentz (3/24/2008 8:29:46 PM): wahaha, ikaw kasi e :(
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:29:52 PM): sorry. sori
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:29:52 PM): =))
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:29:58 PM): akala ko nakiki - ride - on ka sa kabaliwan ko
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:29:59 PM): :))
Nadine Wentz (3/24/2008 8:30:04 PM): =))
Nadine Wentz (3/24/2008 8:30:12 PM): kaya pala sabi mo ang sarap mangarap.
Nadine Wentz (3/24/2008 8:30:15 PM): ikaw talaga :))
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:30:27 PM): :D
Corina Morales (3/24/2008 8:30:30 PM): =))


Hahaha. That's my Online Buddy, Nadine. Hihihi. Her surname on my Messenger is Wentz. Hahaha. She likes Pete Wentz. I dunno if until now. Hehehe..

So, that's it. Hahaha. Will you also believe if I told you that dream of mine?! Oh men, WTF. Hahaha. It's up to you! :D

As for the emoticons, open your Yahoo! Messenger and see what our emotions are. :))

Monday, April 14

Goodbye Mr. Chatbox.

Mr. Chatbox -- One of the most valuable stuffs here in my Blogspot. However, I didn't thought that it will just disappear like that. Huhuhu..

It happened that I learned how to use for my layout purposes. I was very happy that I changed my layout successfully through the help of Niña and
Anna .
Thanks guys! :))

but, it's not that easy for me. Hahaha. I'm lazy changing those codes / HTML thing. However, I was forced to do so. And, the outcome appeared like that. I have no regrets so far except for Mr. Chatbox. :|

Argh. I know. It's not a big deal for you.. Huhuh [EMO] =)) But, from the very beginning of this blog, Mr. Chatbox is there. Huhu. Oh yeah, I know. I'm gonna put a new Mr. Chatbox..

Goodbye and Thanks Mr. Chatbox! :)

Sorry naman..

Hahaha. Sorry. I have lots of blogposts just for today. Hahaha. I missed blogging. That's the reason. And, oh! Another thing is, I have lots of experiences for which, I want to tell. :D


Nothin'. I've been taking pictures of. Obviously, myself these days. Hahaha. I missed the camera. Though it's low - quality. It's fine. At least, you can still see my *&^%**( face. Ahahaha. :))

Believe it or NOT!

I woke up at around 10 at the morning.. Went I went down, it seemed to be quiet. Unusual for me. Because my younger sisters are loud. Hahaha=))

I just saw my Lolo playing Solitaire. Oh, not on the computer. But, manually. I asked him. Where are they?! He answered me that they just went out with my mother & father to buy something.

And so, I lingered. Hahaha. Our house is messy but I didn't mind it. I went to our table, eat. Yea. :)) Hahaha. Then, opened the television. Luckily, the time I opened, the channel is Studio 23 And, a Music Video of Myx was being played. Thus, I didn't changed the channel. Until I knew that it was Pinoy Myx Countdown Hahaha. Oh yeah, after a century, I finally watched Myx again.

I started up on the half part of the countdown. Hmmm. Around.. Number 10. I love it! Hahaha. I am happy that almost all of the Music Videos in the Top Ten were dominated by OPM artists. Yehey! Hahaha:))

All of those videos I saw earlier, I saw them for the first time. Hahaha. What a Shame! Anyway, we don't have Myx! talaga. for a long time. A century?! Nu - uh..
Then there's Pasubali, hahaha. And I doubted that SUSUNDAN - Callalily will be on the No. 1 spot. And it's so happened.

And the thing is this.. Haha..

It is my FIRST TIME to see the video fully.[ No wonder ]. Hahaha^^ I've only seen the trailer for so long ago. But I haven't seen the Video talaga.

If sa YouTube, our computer is kinda 'damaged'. It doesn't produce sounds. What's the sense of watching that?! Hahaha^^

But, finally, I've watched it. Nice song, and cool but a HOT video. Why HOT?! Damn! The shoot it at the desert. how couldn't it be HOT?! Another thing, they're wearing jackets. Darn! Ang HOT siguro nun. Anyway, did they really shoot that at the desert? Ughh,, I have no news about them really. But, it's ok. At least, I've watched it. And it's a BIG deal for me. Do I seem to be shallow?! Hahaha. :))

Welcome back, Corina

Ahahaha. Wah! Hang Over?! Not. Hahaha

My vacation went well.. EAT, sleep, watch TV, Soundtrip, Idle moments. Etc.

There was my Grandma, Grandfather, My cousins and the people there. They almost haven't changed. Hahaha. However, I was also amazed when I saw the streets there. It changed. Hahaha, really. It's not like a province anymore as I expected. Instead, it's like a city na. Hahaha.

I have a lot of experiences there at our exactly 1 (one) week of stay. It's a lo of fun. Though at first, it was boring. Haha.. Time passes by quickly. As days pass, I can't feel any boredom already. Hahaha. :))

Ayun. Basta. Hahaha. Masaya. Then I got addicted to something na naman. May mga umeepal. Etc. Ganun.

..Uh. Uh. And.. I'll tell you, nagpagupit ako. Ay! Este, nagpabawas. Hahaha. When I got home from the parlor. Everyone at the house didn't notice my newly - cut hair. How sad T__T.. Kung hindi ko pa sinabi, hindi pa nila mano - notice. T__T Hahaha. EMO! Joke. It's just fine. Anyhows, it's just fine. Hahaha=))

That's all. Haha=))

Friday, April 4

Out for Sometime. :)

Wah! Super hyper duper to da max excited na ko. :)) Wah! Sa wakas bukas na..


Are going to our Province to you know, relax again and again.. Bwahaha! Yeehaaa. I haven't been there for YEARS. :| T__T My goodness..~~

I extremely wanted to go there. The atmosphere there is such a great one compared to here. :)) PLUS! Lots of sweets made by my Nana Hahaha. Delicious and satisfying foods. Darn! I'm going to be more fat.. T__T Bwahaha..

Anyhow, it doesn't matter. This once in many years chance to be in that place. Bwahaha.

However, the most thing that I am afraid of when we are there.. Are SNAKES! Yay! I'm scared of snakes. There are incidents that snakes can enter in the hole on the Restroom there. Furthermore, the house is near the something there. Wahaah! Basta, bangin. Ganun. Eh. Places like that most likely to have snakes and other unordinary and unfriendly animals. Wah! It sucks. They are my greatest fear. Anyway, those incidents happened somewhat a long time ago. So, ngayon, wala na sigurong ganun. Nyay! :-ss

Bwahaha. Anyway, I'm still happy that I will again finally see my Grandparents there. Bwahaha! That's all.

We will be leaving tomorrow, Saturday. And we have NO definite day when we will come back. ;]

~ Out for Sometime. :D ~

Thursday, April 3

This makes me nervous..

Guess what....

Hehehehe. :))

As for students like me, you guys can relate to me well..


Ok. I'll tell it. Just for 1 condition..

Oh, forget it. I'll tell..

No. Uhm.. What now?! Oh.. I'm sorry if I'm making such nonsense.. Because I'm just kinda Nervous, you know. :D

Ok. Fine. It's just. Uhmm... Tomorrow is.. The....


[Nyay! Finally, huh?!]

I'm not thinking too much when this time comes. Wahaah! it's just that I'm slightly nervous. Oh, it's nothing. Forget it. Should I post my grades after I got my Report Card?! No. That's not a good idea. It's just a BIG shame! Hahaha. =))
After all, this is the last quarter of the school year. Hmmm..

This thing makes me nervous again.. :-SS

I'm already Fourth Year this coming school year. Nyay! :|