Friday, September 18

Bye for NOW :)

I am temporarily closing this blog site since I was unfortunately tempted and forced to open and be an active member on other sites like Facebook, where I FINALLY managed to open an account today, Twitter, mind Plurk, and LiveJournal. God knows that I started dreading having accounts not opened for a long time, as if they don't exist anymore. So for now, as you see how inactive it is, I won't update this blog agaiiin for a long time. Besides, I have to finish my requirements first. Dang stressing. Pimples are everywhere T.T
So that's all for it now. See me at Plurk if you want. Only and only if you want. *lol* I'm there everyday

PS: Thanks to those people who kept on praying & wishing for me to be able to transfer into a school where I'd be really happy and to pursue the course I really want. God Bless!