Saturday, June 22



Honestly, I do not know how to start writing this entry however the fact that the past weeks have gone by in a blur, I just feel the need to  post something here.

I've got  a job?
Well technically yes and no. Yes because this company is paying me (real low!) and no because I'm nothing but a trainee who's still trying to get the hang of things and someone who's still contemplating if this job's something that would really fit me, if it's the kind of job I'd be wanting to have even after a couple of years.
You see, working in a call center industry is, once you get the hang of it, as they say, will be as easy as a piece of cake. Well that could be true and right now I cannot attest to that since I still have a lot to learn but as early as now, I'm starting to have second thoughts on how sure am I about this job. And I'd rather not say  the reason to that.

Who knows what'll happen in the future, though? It's better not to assume.

I've got a cat?
Yes! I've literally picked a stray and weak-looking kitten who strolls in our  neighborhood. One night, I saw her simply sitting (like a cat) across our house and  I do not know what came to me but I went over to get her and let her inside our house. My mom was aggravated, started to mention all the cons of  having a cat inside the house -- hygiene-wise because we had kittens before who weren't and could not be disciplined to poop and pee in the  right place. So during that night, even if it was against my will, I let the kitten go and I seriously had a bad feeling about that.

My doubt was answered because the next day, it   was my mom who saw her outside our house, seemingly sick and unable to move. She hurriedly told me about it and I immediately took her inside our house. She looked sick and weak; and after some  time of observing her, I noticed that her -- I dunno, hand or feet? -- was swollen and she keeps on meow-ing. She's very hungry, too!

Anyway, my mom named her "Kyu-Pi" not really sure about the spelling  because: kyu-comang; pi-pilay (injured). And good thing  she knows how to follow because she only pees and poops in the right place -- the  only condition my mom has. If the pet pees and poops in the right place, then we're good.

Hence, we kept her and she's still with us now, weighing thrice the weight she has when I first held her. And she's energetic and playful, too! heeee~~~

There, I am just exhausting myself so I could go to sleep~~

Saturday, June 8


I really am not in the mood right now because the internet connection's being a bitch and my brother's taking up almost all of the connection while I'm watching The Amazing Spiderman. I just want to finish the movie coz it's really awesome and Andrew Garfield's really hot but the connection's not cooperating. DAMN IT.

So how's it going lately? Me? Hmmm I'd rather not tell. But I do hope the track I am right now isn't something I'd regret in the future. Well...sigh.

It's already 3:27 in the morning.

A fucked up sleep for a fucked up person. Great.