Saturday, November 21

November 22, 2015


My last blog entry was more than a year ago and albeit what I shared in that post was of a terrible experience, I can't promise if this one's going to be any different.
First, pardon me for the grammar inconsistencies, lame terms and expressions I'm about to use since it's been a long time since I've brushed up on those and bothered picking up a book to read so yeah.

Soooo many things have happened over the course of time I wasn't able to blog. I believe I already have mentioned in one of my previous blog entries that I have been unemployed a year ago for a long time. Well must I say great news? Since I am now employed as a public school teacher. Would you believe that? Me neither. I started June this year, inexperienced, lost as fuck and unsure (until now :D). Almost six months into the job, I believe I still haven't wrapped my head around all these shit though some things are for sure:

1. Lesson Plans are a huge pain in the ass. Yes, our LPs aren't collected and checked everyday and we can get them from a Facebook group and just make modifications but it's too tiring to either write or print the thing every damn day.

2. Grades are a big deal. As a new teacher, my first time was not that of a good one. I admit the first batch of grades I have given weren't that....accurate given that I have made A LOT of considerations....and I also had confusions. My greatest fear back then are the parents who might corner me and bombard me with questions as to who I arrived to the grade I gave their child. And although I have my class record ready for that, the thought just...scares me and I don't want to do them any explanation. True enough, a few came. Surprisingly, these parents are from the last section where the students are a little well on the uh...I don't really know how to say it but they are not the smartest in the batch. Usually, most complaints, my co-teachers say, come from the parents of those who belong to the cream / top section. However, in this case, it's the parents of the kids from the not-so-smart section who showed up. LOL! Stage moms who don't really think of the intellectual capacity of their kids. They think that because they monitor their children's performance and make sure their projects and assignments are delivered on time-- the kids aren't even the one who do it-- their kids would get a high grade. Like, hello, we still give them exams in which they don't do so well in. Sighs.

3. So many issues, so little school. Yep, way too many issues and unfortunate events and more....tiring stuff. I won't elaborate anymore.

4. We, non-permanent teachers aren't treated fairly. Not only are we deprived of certain benefits but our salaries are also a month late and are to be claimed to the Office. We weren't issued ATMs, unlike permanent teachers. So equates to inconvenience and gastos.

5. I want to leave. Yes, but not now. I need the moolah. LOL though I can guarantee that  IF a better opportunity comes knocking at my door, I would definitely grab-- glomp it. Not only because of the things I am deprived of but because I often find myself wondering if this is really the job for me or if I am happy -- basically questions I can't properly answer.

Yep. That's it. 5 in total though I could give more but who knew writing about this could be exhausting?

Will head to bed now.

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hoping: for happier days and a lovelife (kidding)