Saturday, December 27

Up and Down

Recently, nothing necessary occurred. Or, maybe that's my perspective. Anyway, I'm gonna state things that apparently happened these days..

I had my finger nails polished with Pink & Black. Pink on the right while Black on the other. Way too insane? Nu-uh. I had nothing to do and I just want to. I also had my toe nails polished though.
Our present CPU will be reformatted tomorrow. Yehess! I felt so guilty that 2 people or could be called as victims were affected by the virus our computer has. And that, their gadget and PC were infected by the virus too.
I still got lots of stuffs, projects to do. But apparently, I intend not to do. Imagine, who could do that during the so-enjoyable-to-take-pleasure vacation we are having? Nu-uh. Embarrassing, really!
Cannot get over of the GuiLun and GuiWang tandem! I have gotten crazy over them! Waaaa. Waaa! Can't help it, can't get enough. Ya, I'm crazy, indeed! Say all you want. I DON'T GIVE A DAMN! [Ooh, application!]
I already have my Plurk account. And I'm extremely enjoying and having fun with it! Lalalala... One time, I had this question spilled out with regards to my upcoming birthday. Just see the question I gave and the answers I received on the screen shot provided below. Lablablots! That's ol.
Christmas is over. So not, I must say, Merry New Year! :}

Thursday, December 25

Maligayang Pasko


Merry Christmas!

My Christmas is way good and exhausting. How was yours? Hope it's pretty good too.
Enjoy~ :D

Sunday, December 21

December 7 '08 Event

I have shared way back then that Imma go to a guesting of Callalily to the Battle of Bands that will be held near our place.
Well, I made it. The event took place last December 7, or I should say 8 because Callalily came at around 12:30 AM something on the 8th. Of course, I felt ecstatic when I saw them. Gawd. It has been a year! Dang!
I saw some of my classmates and schoolmates at the venue so I settled with them. There went the contestants and everything until I heard that the boys of Callalily are at the backstage. I felt ecstatic that I asked anyone I saw around me to go with me at the backstage; at least to see a glimpse of them with proximity. Good thing I was able to snatch this classmate of mine. Waaah! I was able to see ALL OF THEM closely. Especially Tatsicles. Wah! It is for the first time that I have been that close to him, as well as with the other boys. But.. But.. With Tatsi, I should say that he is much higher in height compared with me. Eee. I could feel my heartbeat beating two times faster than the normal. Watda?! What's with me noww?
The songs they played are mostly from their Debut Album; Destination XYZ; which is a good thing for me. I only knew 2 songs [Susundan and A Starry Night] from their latest album though. I was really happy! Thought a bit disappointed because I wasn't able to have a picture with anyone of them. :(
But it's OK! Hao Le! At least, I saw them again after a year. That was an achievement for me then.

Goodnight people! :)

Saturday, December 20

Our Last X- Mas Party?

I've posted a blog regarding the title on my Multiply. No worries, it was set to public.


PS: I'm being dominated by DECODE! Waah. Aside from the fact that I so like Edward Cullen, I simply love the song and all that. Waaah! NEW MOON. Come on out! :D So ecstatic :) *Note: I'm still not finished reading the book and the whole thing! :D

Tuesday, December 16

In haste--

I suppose not to indulge myself into posting something here but something tells me to do so. :)
Mi was actually in a so-called haste-state today. Anyway, is it obvious?
I got to finish taking pictures for our Economics subject project. Hassle. I went to Puregold earlier; as soon as I got home, to take pictures in relation to our previous lessons. And I tell you it's a shame; including the fact that I am alone. Tae, 'di ako makadiskarte. I feel that I could be apprehended by anyone at the store anytime. Could not pursue. Yay! Haha. So. I wasn't able to finish it. Bow*
That's it. It has been some days, specifically ten days since I posted something because our monitor had encounter some conflicts. Ang malas ko talaga. :(
And our one day exam for this year is coming up; consequently, the X - Mas party. Yes, Christmas Vacation is approaching but still, if you could put yourself in our situation... There are hella loads of things and projects pending for us to accomplish. Waaa! It suckssss, dude! Zen Me Ban now, what to doo?! No time for relaxation that much, at the first place. :(

Saturday, December 6

Ooohhh :]

It's a fad and thus, inevitable. Battle of the bands! :]
Yea. There will be one tomorrow. The venue is just a walking distance from our place.
And oh heaven of heavens, Callalily will be there!~ OMG. At last, haha. I still got the excitement. After one year and a number of weeks, here I go again. For another gig! Nyay. Go check it out at their gig sked; the one at Carmona, Makati. Wiii.

Hopefully the unconfirmed 'no classes' on Monday will be confirmed. :D

And also on Monday, Justice will be the one to depart for their retreat. Good Luck guys. I'll miss you, BFF's. Love Youu~ Mwaaaa :*

Friday, December 5

Wisdom's Retreat

Preparing stuffs necessary for our Retreat is quite hard for me. Oooh yes, I was indeed disorganized that I actually took hours to complete my packing. Behold, I forgot to bring slippers and to drag my jacket. :(

I headed to school at around 9:55. As usual, I was a BIT late. :D
First, we had our orientation at the AVR. Sitting stiffly, my feet again hurt badly. And again, I must bear with it.
After that, the class have waited for so loong for the transpo until at last, the enormous bus arrived. The bus was proudly labeled 'St. Mary's Academy [With the logo of our school] P. Burgos, Pasay' Pssshhh. Haha. It isn't our school's property and thus was borrowed from that branch. The bus was exaggeratedly big that the whole class, including the 2 teachers and a sister who joined us.

So many blahs and things happened but at last, we arrived at Tagaytay. The place is called as 'Betania Retreat House'[if the spelling's right], have some orientations AGAIN regarding the house rules. And went straightly to our respective rooms. Mostly, rooms should have 2 persons on it. We had 5 sessions, experienced the foggy, cold, yet cool weather. We had two masses, 5 meals a day. Take not, sumptuous, delicious, satisfying, fresh and irresistible foods! Yum :]

To make the long story short, on my own view, the retreat's fine and our performance as well. I think we deserve a 'congratulations' from the people who expect such from us. Too bad on our way home, our adviser didn't permit us to have a stop-over at Colette's or at any buko pie shops. :|

That's all for now. Not in the mood again. :(