Monday, March 31


I'm currently being obsessed again. [ As usual :)) ] On the Taiwanese Group; FAHRENHEIT
like.. I'm so damn obsessed. As in! :))


> WU ZUN --> Hehehe~~ COOL
Basta. I like WU ZUN and ARRON YAN more. Hindi naman sa hindi ko gusto 'yung other two. Pero , for me mas cute talaga silang dalawa. Though, cute silang lahat. :D
Since Kim; one of my best Buddies let me watch their Music Videos. I liked them already. =D Bwahahahaaa! They're so HOT. Darn!, Cute [Definitely], possess amazing voices. I didn't expect that their voices are nakaka - inlove. Hahaha. That is why I'm being curious about them more and more. Wahaha! By the way, I have noticed that their songs are fast; as if they are on a rush. Though the melody is mild, when they sing, it's hard to catch - up. Wahaha. But, I like them to da max pa din. As in. Uhm.. I play their songs: AI DAO & WO YOU WO DE YOUNG again and again. LOL~ Walang sawa. Wahaha! I wanna see them personally, too. I want to go to Taiwan [as if] just to see them and you know, greet them is already a big thing for me. LOL~

*Day - dreaming mode* XD Bwahaha. As if~

I am finished. :D

Woah! I'm finished watching HANA KIMI; both versions. Uhm. I'm quite 'bitin' on the ending part kasi. Their relationship isn't that developed well. Wahaha! They say that there will be Part 2!! Bwahahaha. So happy. I hope it will take shape. :D

Saturday, March 29

Buti na lang pumunta ako. ^__^

Bwahaha. MARCH 29, 2008~~ The most memorable date. Ayeee.:">

It's a Saturday. :)

Morning: I was woke up by my mother 'cause we will be going to our church. It's around 9:30 when I got up on the bed. Maybe 10 something, we left the house. [Whew! 30 mins. Preparation~] And so, we went to church though we are kinda shy 'cause we didn't go to church for the last 2 Saturdays. However, luckily, we made it. :)

At the House. Around. 12:30 PM~ PC, Clean and Eat. Just to let the time pass~ Etc.

Around.. 3:45 I took about for I was about to go to the school. Why? Because today is the Racognition Day~ Yay~ But? Why am I going to go there? Do I have a business there?~~

The answer is a big big..YES Because si Wittman [my beloved. Bwaha! My crush, love, etc.] . And so, I arrived at school around. Hmm.. 4:20?! Gosh. Lots of Side trips. :))
So, I searched for Venus for we agreed that both of us will go. I found her. I sat beside her. We talked about some stuffs until our conversation reached all about Wittman. Darn! I saw him immediately. Sitting on that certain chair. And oh, my.. He's so good - looking. No. More good - looking. Bwahahah! Then, it so happened that I saw a parent. Out of the many parents there fo r which, I told Venus that I doubt, that's Wittman's father. Venus told me I'm right. OMG. I was shocked. WTF. Really? Like. I just guessed and I am right. She's certain that it's Wittman's father . I'm so happy then~ Ever since I saw him. He made my day. :D :D :D

So, lots of etc. etc. happened. Hanging of medals by parents. No, proud parents~

Then, I kept on looking at Wittman. Thinking that he' looking at me too. [ In my dreams, yea. I know :))]

Then, he was awarded as Honorable Mention like. I'm so proud. O clapped. His mother was the one who joined him in receiving his medal and going up to the stage~ Also, one of my best friends, Milrose was awarded for being in the Top 5 over all. Wah! So proud of her~ :))

Then, after the awarding, the Exit of Colors by the MOCC Future Officers., Uhmm. Speech, then the intermission number of all the awardees~~ After that, it's like urgh.. Wahaha! From a peaceful place up to a messy one. Scattered people. Taking pictures all the time. Including us, wahaha!

--The CLIMAX!--

When I and Kim went on to the Mini - Auditorium, I'm searching for Wittman everywhere. Not knowing that he's only at the Mini - auditorium. Exactly, we went there. He and his family were taking pictures and me? Uhm. Making such moves trying to be cute. Bwahaha! Then, I'm looking at him. Then, I'm telling Kim and Venus that I and Him should have a picture. so, they are the one who drag me near to him. And me? I keep on going far from him. [Arte no?!] Because I'm shy. Imagine. He is with his family. really a shame. But we made such "Hand Signals" for which, I told him to come near our place. But he can't 'cause they are rushing up home. I don't know. Maybe he's with his family and so, he can't go anywhere. Anyway, his parents look kinda strict T__T Wah! My Future parents [Yea, in my dreams again] =)) Then,. I waved goodbye when he looked back again. Wah! I'm so happy. Unexplainable. Swear! Bwahaha :))

~ Buti na lang talaga, pumunta ako. :)) ~

Tuesday, March 25

I lurve it more..

Wahaha! I'm liking HANA KIMI TAIWANESE VERSION more than that of Japanese. I think it's more 'nakakakilig'. Bwahahaha! I started watching it pa lang. And for me, I like it more. :)

Absent ako!

Reason: Not sleeping early; woke up late [sinadya]
Bwahahaha! Kakatamad eh. Yesterday, wala kaming ginawa. Sayang naman uniform kung tambay lang kami. T__T

So, aking napag desisyunan na hindi ako papasok ngayon. So, ayun. I did not go to school. XD

9:30 in the morning my sister woke me up because my classmate called up. Blaming me for not going to school. She has no companion daw. Bwahahaha. Pitiful. T__T Juk^^

So, after that, back to sleep. [haii. sarap!] then, around 1:30 PM. Ginising ako ulit. I thought it's just 11:30 or something.. I was so shocked na ganun na pala 'yung oras. XD Hahaha. This time, kaya niya ako ginising is because.. Venus and Kim [my bf's bestfriends ] wahahah! They are downstairs. Hehehe. As first, I'm really lazy to rise. But then, though still sleepy, wahaha, I went down to have a look. They are there nga. Just passed by.. Wala sigurong magawa! =))

So.. Kwentuhan. etc. Then, we've decided to Kim's place because she already downloaded and watched Hana Kimi [Taiwanese Version] so, I agreed immediately. Wahaha! I told ya, I'm craving for that.=))

So, I took a bath first and they bought Mais. Hehehe. Venus treated me. :)) After that, we left. Walked hanggang sa kanto, then, sakay ng tricycle. We were dropped at M. Roxas [palengke]. We bought Donuts! Yey! My favorite, Bavarian! Yummyyyyyyy! =)) Then, we rode a jeepney, off, walked, until we reached Kim's house. Yay! It's hell hot when we are on our way there.. T_T

Wahaha! So, isang pasada muna ng O2Jam Canon [Orgel Version]; my favorite! Then, Chapter 1 na. Wohuuu! Love every scenes. Venus went home first. Hmmm. Around. 4:30. Ganun. Eh Kim's still sleeping, we're waking her up to tell her that Venus is Leaving. Instead, wahaha! She's Sleep Talking. Like. Uhmm. How to say.. She keeps on telling things na walang connect sa sinasabi namin. And, goes back to sleep. wahaha! After some attempts, I just went together with Venus to see her off. After that, I went back to Kim's to continue watching. .Hahaha. Ayaw kong tigilan 'yung panonood, parang ayaw ko na ngang umuwi eh. Hahaha. I want to finish it there. But, hindi pwede,. I'm on the 6th episode. And, uh! We skipped one episode bacause, nakalimutan yatang i - download ni Kim. To summarize, mahabaaa talaga xa and I can't finish it today thought I want to. Hehehe. So, I went home around.. Uhmm.. Quarter to Nine! Gosh. I was shocked when I noticed the time. Hehehe. I've never been out at my friend's place that late. However, I'm still now nervous, just a little. Hehehe..

So, I carried myself up to the place where jeep load passengers.. Huwaa! It's strange, there were a little jeepneys who are on duty. So, I kept on waiting. Until, sa wakas, nakasakay din. Hahaha.
I paid. P10.00, pinaabot, then, malamang na - recieve nung driver. Eh that time, passengers kept on riding. Hindi na ako nasuklian. Eh. Usually, sukli kagad once you pay. So, I have thoughts on my mind. Hehehe, I'm planning to shout na my concern. And yes, I did it nung papara na ko. I said: manong, 'yung sukli po nung ten pesos.. isa lang po 'yun. Andd. Success! Hahaha. Ok. Walk naman ngayon.. Then, I reached home. Nothing new. My mom just asked.. Why I just arrived that time?! Hehehe. I didn't answer her at first and continue walking going to the fridge. To drink H20. [Refreshing!] =)) Then, she asked me again. Bwahaha! Ang sabi ko lang, nanood kami. That's it. Hindi ako pinagalitan ulit. Bwahaha! Nice! Nice! So nice.. =))

Watta Day!, I did nothing. =))

Sunday, March 23


Yes, that is... TODAY!

Well.. Uhm. What did I do for today? Uhm.. Let me think..

I did................

Nothing! Urghh! :))

I woke up 11:30 in the morning. Then, ayun. Tunganga, kain, Internet. Internet, Miryenda, tapos ngayon.. BLOG! Bwahahahaha..

Wala na 'tong patutunguhan pero,,,,


Wounds. T__T

Wah! Goshness. Talaga. I'm having lots of wounds these past days. So annoying. O_o
Hmm. As of the moment, I have. Hmmm. 4 yata. Basta. Ayun, 'yung pionaka - una. Dun na nag - start. Eh. Minalas yata.

Kasi, we have cats here sa house, tapos 'yung isa. Small pa lang xa and xa talaga 'yung official na cat namin sa bahay. Hahaha. There are cats kasi sa house na nakiki - kain and nakiki - tambay lang. lol so, ayun. I was sitting beside my sister facing the computer; i was holding the mouse. eh 'yung youngest sis ko, nanggigil na naman [normal lang 'yun sa mga kids=D] so, she's playing with the cat then, tinaas niya tapos biglang bitaw. eh naka - extend 'yung arms ko. so ayun, eh. 'yung nails niya naka - open. parang ganun, eh nahulog xa, maybe she's expecting na may makapitan xa or watsoever. nagkataong nadaanan 'yung arms ko. akala ko kalmot or small bruise lang. Pero, after some uhm. seconds? i realized that it's kinda big, a big scratch. ang it kept on bleeding. :| argh. so, what i did is apply Betadine? [watever] =)). para mabilis na gumaling. but, nung nilagyan ko. argh. dumudugo pa din. it's kinda long pa naman. and 'yung width. uhm. scratch lang naman eh. but,. I am still curious. I had lots of bruise before. But what I had now is definitely different! But, i just let it like that. until it stops bleeding. Bwahahaha. Ayun, the next day, nagkaron na xa ng parang "covering". :D
Speaking of "The NEXT DAY.."

After eating dinner, I just went out of our house to uhm. catch some fresh air?! hahaha. then, my younger brother followed me. he took his bike and ramp it. since may angkasan xa, i wanted na magpa - angkas. and so, he agreed naman [thank Godness]:)). then, ayun. dalawa kaming inangkas niya, me and my youngest sister. since may angkasan sa back and sa front. eh. hindi naman ako pwede sa front [duh?! ang laki ko. O_o] so, ayun. when he started to move, my uhm. lower part leg.. gumasgas sa gulong. I didn't mind it 'cause i'm expecting that it's just nothing. not even a bruise / scratch. but, it kept on aching. thus, it caught my attention. so, i checked it out when i entered our house. when I saw it, it's just nothing. but, it has a different color. insteadd of reddish, it's kinda black. [maybe because of the bike's tire] but then, after some minutes, again, i checked it out. and.. as in. my gosh! it's like a compilation of lots of scratches. and it hurts a lot. it's kinda big. however, thank God that it's just a bruise, a big bruise.

Uhm. With that, I applied a certain ointment. Yes, I can consider it an ointment. Ointment na Vapour Rub. Hahahaha=)) Ang lamig ng feeling. :))

So ayun, another, sa left arm ko, gasgas din. pero, i don't know where i got it. ayun, kasi . when I was in my 2nd year high school [last year lang ito. but it seems na ang tagal tagal na. bwahahaha!]~ my teacher in Biology told us that it's just normal that we will have wounds w/ out any reason. basta lilitaw na daw xa. hmm. anu ba topic namin nun? i forgot na eh. =)) then, ayun. wala na xa ngayon.

Then, 'yung last na wound, anu lang xa actually, parang pantal or something which was bitten by an insect? uhm. specifically, fly? watever. hahaha. there you go, but it hurts. i dunno why. hahaha.

That's ol. My 4 GREATEST WOUNDS as of the moment. Bwahahahaha =))

Saturday, March 22


Hahaha. Parang nagbabago na ko. Pansin ko lang. Hahaha. Pa ingles - ingles na ako ngayon. Ayun.

English Translation:

Hahaha. I think I am changing. Hahaha. I keep on using English Language these recent days. Hahaha. [only in blog. kasi, if i use it kapag oral, NOSEBLEED!] =))


~ Venus and Me!

~"Friends Forever"

~ At the Restroom of the Hotel

~Kim and Me.

~Me! Bwahahaha.

Just got Some of it at Milrose's Multiply account. =D~ Actually, a have some pics pa. Pero wala kaming scanner. So, that's it. :P

Just a pic. ;)

Nothin'. Hahaha..
EMO/Vain/Pa - cute pose. Bwahahaha. =))

Happy- Blogging! \:D/

I enjoy blogging a lot these past few days. But, only here, in this site. I don't know why. Haha. I'm really bored to do blogs on Multiply. Argh. Don't know the reason. Wahahaha! Basta. I love blogging here as of the moment. Hahaha.

My day isn't complete if I haven't post something here. hehehe. :))



Hahaha. This afternoon, I forced my mom and sisters to join me to the Plaza Fair to buy you know, hahaha. HANA -KIMI [Taiwan and Japanese version]. Actually, I really expected that I will buy only one b'coz Japanese series are rare on that store. Thus, I can only buy the Taiwanese., and i saw it before na. :) so, when we reached the store, i'm so excited like. urgh!!.. hahaha. i directly went to the CD station in which, there are lots of tiangges/ pwesto there na maraming CDs. I feel so happy everytime i see CDs [series] hahaha! so, at a certain store, i asked the vendor, like.. "meron po ba kayong HANA- KIMI?" then, she said YES! hahaha. I was delighted. so, she showed me. i was shocked when she handed to me the Japanese version of it. shocked, but happy. hahaha. then, i asked if there is a Taiwanese version. she said. that there's none. Ahww. T__T sadness. :((((..

But then, there are lots of store of CDs there, I continuously searched for the Taiwanese version. Para matahimik na ko. However, I failed to buy. I asked the some of the many vendors there, why?! the reason is, OUT OF STOCK. like. arghh! hmp. I regret. : Kasi, the last time we went there, I saw the Taiwanese Version na eh. 'di pa naman pinalalabas sa ABS -CBN. so. i didn't mind it. Huhuhuhu. If only I could turn back the time, bibilhin ko na talaga 'yun! Hmpf! T__T

But for the mean time, i will keep myself busy on the Japanese Version! Yehey! :))


I lurve the song. to the max! =D
Today is a winding road that's taking me to places that I didn't want to goWhoa (whoa, whoa, whoa)
Today in the blink of an eye I'm holding on to something and I do not know why
I tried
I tried to read between the lines
I tried to look in your eyes
I want a simple explanation
For what I'm feeling insideI gotta find a way out
Maybe there's a way out
Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer
Do you know you're unlike any other?
You'll always be my thunder, and I said
Your eyes are the brightest of all the colors
I don't wanna ever love another
You'll always be my thunder
So bring on the rain
And bring on the thunder
Today is a winding road
Tell me where to start and tell me something I don't knowWhoa (whoa, whoa, whoa)
Today I'm on my own
I can't move a muscle and I can't pick up the phoneI don't know (I don't know, I don't know, I don't know)
And now I'm itching for the tall grass
And longing for the breeze
I need to step outside
Just to see if I can breathe
I gotta find a way out
Maybe theres a way out
Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer
Do you know you're unlike any other?
You'll always be my thunder, and I said
Your eyes are the brightest of all the colors
I don't wanna ever love another
You'll always be my thunder
So bring on the rain
Yeah I'm walking on a tightrope
I'm wrapped up in vines
I think we'll make it out
But you just gotta give me time
Strike me down with lightning
Let me feel you in my veins
I wanna let you know how much I feel your pain
Today is a winding road that's taking me to places that I didn't want to go Whoa
Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer
Do you know you're unlike any other?
You'll always be my thunder, and I said
Your eyes are the brightest of all the colors
I don't wanna ever love another
You'll always be my thunder
So bring on the rainAnd bring on the thunder, and I said
Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer
Do you know you're unlike any other?
You'll always be my thunder
So bring on the rain
Oh baby bring on the pain And listen to the thunder

Anna loves BLOGGING, obviously~

Hahaha. Since my cousin, Anna posted something about me in her Blog, I'm gonna post something about her here, in my blog. Hahaha!!

A very long time ago, we were not close. yea, like. uhm. not talking to each other during family reunion's or some happenings in which, we see each other. so. that's it. none of us tried to talk to each other [as i can remember. hahaha]. but that was ages ago. my gosh. :D

So, when.. uhm. i can't remember the exact date. [duh? i'm no a calendar] =)) when we start talking about somethings. you know. different stuffs for which, we are really relating to. hahaha. we enjoyed talking to each other everytime we see. [ i hope you feel the same way too.. (ui! lyrics yata 'yun. :D) ] hahaha.~~ so, that's it.. until now. i consider her as my closest cousin. bwahahaha! I'll give a reason why i'm no that close to my other cousins.. It's b'coz.. uhm. it's no fun when we are talking. like. hmmm.. walang mapag - usapan if we are talking. BORING, in short. hahaha. hindi naman lahat. 'yung iba lang. pero. i consider Anna talaga as my closest couzz. :D

hehehe. so.. that's it. hahaha. though i really need lots of tissue paper when i'm talking to her. WHY?!

~ b'coz my nose bleeds, she speaks English usually. as in! she's great on it. [flattered 'yan! ayee.] :))

that's it. and! one more thing.. she's the one who forced me to do this blog thing. and i love it!


Friday, March 21



Yep, super adik talaga. Hahaha. I'm looking forward sa CD niya. Pumunta kami kahapon [Maundy Thursday] sa Plaza Fair for the CD's because I'm craving for it. :))
Pero, hahaha. SARADO! LOL~ Kaya ayun, sa Saturday pa daw bukas. Yea, Tomorrow, bukas na! Yeee!~ Babalik kami. 'Di ko na matitiis 'yun. Hahaha. Lagi na lang FANVIDS AND MVS sa YouTube. Ang bagal pa. Kakainis! I'm meant to be sa CDs talaga. Hahaha. :D

Inlove. Damn it!

Not on Multiply, but here ko na trip mag - post. Siguro kase. 'Di maxadong public. Hahaha. BTW, about the title. ...

Yeap. I think so... That I'm in.... ♥ to someone. What happened is.. Hahaha. I'm quite scared. baka makita niya. XD

Hahaha, BTW, he's younger than me. He studies at our school. Thus, we see each other mostly. Because we have the same schedule during our breaks. :D However, I didn't notice him during the early months of this Beautiful School Year. :D .. I only noticed him during our Finals which was held last March [Last Day of the three- day exam of candidates for honors]. yep, I'm an honor student as well as him. When i first saw him sitting on that table, answering the test questions seriously, i was like. you know, struck by Cupid. Hahaha. me either, could not explain what I feel. just. i kept on looking at him that day. until the test day was done.. i wanted to say at least. "Hello!" to him after the test but, I didn't have the guts. in other words, na - duwag ako! :)) Hahaha.

The following day, my closest friends knew it. AS well as my other classmates. Including those who are feeling close sa akin. Kainis! >:P

March 5 -> My friends decided to approach Him [I will not mention the name na lang :P] with me, of course.. Hahaha. We changed the stairs we are taking everytime we go up to our classrooms. Since we are on the same floor, but classrooms are little far. :| Then, during our lunch, we just went up on that stairs and a friend from the same section as his, in which my friend knows was called. And it appeared that my friend is the one having a crush on him. BTW, that classmate of him was the one who called him inside. Hahaha.

para hindi tayo mahirapan, let's have a codename... it will be... wittman. [thanks, venus] :D

then, nag - HI! xa sa amin,.. For ma friends kasi. It's not right na ako lang mag - isap makipag - friends. 'Coz mahahalata niya. May point sila.=P Kaya ayun, para ma - puzzle si Wittman, mga... 5 kaming nakipag - friends sa kanya. Hahaha. *evil laugh* =)) Then, ayun, hindi xa humaharap sa amin nang maayos. T__T nahihiya yata. ayee. :"> :"> Hahaha. Kaya ayun, nag - initiate na ko na lumapit talaga. =)) tapos sabi niya, anu daw Friendster namin. Eh maya - maya. xa na lang 'yung nagbigay ng Friendster niya. he wrote it on a piece of paper. Hahaha. kilig, tapos. the bell rang. for me, i felt like i won on the sweepstakes of something. Basta, I'm really super happy..

That's it for now. Our "Getting- To- Know" Stage. Hahaha.

*His Kindness at that time makes me lose control* XDXDXD

About the Image at my header~ :D

Hehehe. Actually, ang tamang term dun sa ginawa ko.. "Ninakaw" Hahaha. Yup, ninakaw ko 'yung pic na 'yan. 'Yung pic na may magkahawak 'yung kamay habang naglalakad sa riles ng tren. Bakit? Hehehe. Kasi na - inlab ako nung first time kong makita 'yan. Swear! Hahaha. Unexplainable eh. Basta. I wanted it badly. XD. Kaya, si - nave ko. It came from someone's friendster background. Not to mention the name; buti na lang na -save ko kasi after 2 or 3 days, nagpalit na xa. Hahaha. 'Di ko na pinaalam 'di naman kami close. Friend ko lang xa sa Friendster ko. Hahaha. :D