Sunday, December 1


It's been over a month since I last blogged. I wouldn't even attempt to make any excuses why I cannot do so since I'm just at home, bumming around and surfing the net and tweeting like there's no tomorrow. In fact, I really was planning to blog a long time ago, with a certain topic in mind but due to again, this never-ending laziness of mine, I failed to do so.

But lol alas, I've finally found something worth-blogging and I couldn't just let this pass! Well since everyone's making a fuss over it (WHO THE HELL WOULD NOT?) because it really feels surreal. The thing is I, and the whole class I belong in during college passed the September 2013 Licensure Examination for Teachers. *stops for a moment to digest that*

Since the day of the exam, I've been very negative about what the results would be, thinking what a shame it would be it would be once the results are out; my name wouldn't be in it. T____T I've never been the type of person who's confident enough to say, "I aced that exam" or "I am positive I'll pass" ever since I started school, having experienced a lot of failing moments especially in entrance examinations. Over the years, I've learned it's better to expect the worst and just be mildly hurt than expect the best and be deeply wounded.

Having planned to eat out the day before, we went to Makati Ave. to buy and take-out food from one of the restaurants we frequent there...without having any idea that the results are coming out that night, too!

Arriving at home, we ate in peace (because omg the food's that good. everytime we do this, we can't help but eat a lot!) afterwhich, I've decided to go online. The first thing I saw though, when I opened Facebook was a screenshot by a schoolmate/friend with her name on it and the caption says, "Thank you, Lord! I passed the exam! To God the the glory!" by the time I finished looking at it, my mouth's really wide open and my heart's about to burst from fear and nervousness. There's also a sudden wave of headache which is very unsual;; maybe brought about by what I was feeling during that time.

I quickly typed PRC's URL in the address bar with shaking hands and with the thought of "This is it" in mind. But my fate decided to tease me for the website is taking years to load and in the end, I did not get to see the list there. Luckily though, a classmate of mine was able to access the list and download it (since it's in PDF format) and finally upload it in our private group on Facebook. I was relieved because finally, I won't struggle too much just to open the damned file but at the same time, the nerve-wracking feeling is still there. Having my mother pull a chair and sit just behind me, we started scrolling down to letter "M" since my surname starts there. We are barely breathing, I swear. And so we scrolled downwards more and more until we are at the list of passers whose surnames are also "MORALES". I panicked because I did not see my name at first and thankfully I scrolled down a little more and alas, my name's there. I heaved a sigh of relief and thank Heavens and was utterly happy that time.

My mother was frantic, rushing to the room where my father is currently at that time and delivered the great news. I just don't know how to react at my mother's expression during that time, she's almost squealing and is very happy. My father, on the other hand, being the silent and not-so-sweet type, just gave me a thumbs-up which is more than enough.

Oh what stroke of luck! Just when I was about to finish this blog, a mailman just delivered a letter for me from PRC which contains details about our oath-taking. This makes everything official. I really am a licensed teacher.

Thank you, Lord.
Thank you, to my family although I've never really said it because I think it's tooooo cheesy.
To my friends and to my fandom which really inspired me.

This is just the start....I am to face lots of challenges way more difficult than this in the future. But in God's will and grace, I know, I'll surpass those and make it through~