Saturday, March 22

Anna loves BLOGGING, obviously~

Hahaha. Since my cousin, Anna posted something about me in her Blog, I'm gonna post something about her here, in my blog. Hahaha!!

A very long time ago, we were not close. yea, like. uhm. not talking to each other during family reunion's or some happenings in which, we see each other. so. that's it. none of us tried to talk to each other [as i can remember. hahaha]. but that was ages ago. my gosh. :D

So, when.. uhm. i can't remember the exact date. [duh? i'm no a calendar] =)) when we start talking about somethings. you know. different stuffs for which, we are really relating to. hahaha. we enjoyed talking to each other everytime we see. [ i hope you feel the same way too.. (ui! lyrics yata 'yun. :D) ] hahaha.~~ so, that's it.. until now. i consider her as my closest cousin. bwahahaha! I'll give a reason why i'm no that close to my other cousins.. It's b'coz.. uhm. it's no fun when we are talking. like. hmmm.. walang mapag - usapan if we are talking. BORING, in short. hahaha. hindi naman lahat. 'yung iba lang. pero. i consider Anna talaga as my closest couzz. :D

hehehe. so.. that's it. hahaha. though i really need lots of tissue paper when i'm talking to her. WHY?!

~ b'coz my nose bleeds, she speaks English usually. as in! she's great on it. [flattered 'yan! ayee.] :))

that's it. and! one more thing.. she's the one who forced me to do this blog thing. and i love it!


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