Saturday, March 29

Buti na lang pumunta ako. ^__^

Bwahaha. MARCH 29, 2008~~ The most memorable date. Ayeee.:">

It's a Saturday. :)

Morning: I was woke up by my mother 'cause we will be going to our church. It's around 9:30 when I got up on the bed. Maybe 10 something, we left the house. [Whew! 30 mins. Preparation~] And so, we went to church though we are kinda shy 'cause we didn't go to church for the last 2 Saturdays. However, luckily, we made it. :)

At the House. Around. 12:30 PM~ PC, Clean and Eat. Just to let the time pass~ Etc.

Around.. 3:45 I took about for I was about to go to the school. Why? Because today is the Racognition Day~ Yay~ But? Why am I going to go there? Do I have a business there?~~

The answer is a big big..YES Because si Wittman [my beloved. Bwaha! My crush, love, etc.] . And so, I arrived at school around. Hmm.. 4:20?! Gosh. Lots of Side trips. :))
So, I searched for Venus for we agreed that both of us will go. I found her. I sat beside her. We talked about some stuffs until our conversation reached all about Wittman. Darn! I saw him immediately. Sitting on that certain chair. And oh, my.. He's so good - looking. No. More good - looking. Bwahahah! Then, it so happened that I saw a parent. Out of the many parents there fo r which, I told Venus that I doubt, that's Wittman's father. Venus told me I'm right. OMG. I was shocked. WTF. Really? Like. I just guessed and I am right. She's certain that it's Wittman's father . I'm so happy then~ Ever since I saw him. He made my day. :D :D :D

So, lots of etc. etc. happened. Hanging of medals by parents. No, proud parents~

Then, I kept on looking at Wittman. Thinking that he' looking at me too. [ In my dreams, yea. I know :))]

Then, he was awarded as Honorable Mention like. I'm so proud. O clapped. His mother was the one who joined him in receiving his medal and going up to the stage~ Also, one of my best friends, Milrose was awarded for being in the Top 5 over all. Wah! So proud of her~ :))

Then, after the awarding, the Exit of Colors by the MOCC Future Officers., Uhmm. Speech, then the intermission number of all the awardees~~ After that, it's like urgh.. Wahaha! From a peaceful place up to a messy one. Scattered people. Taking pictures all the time. Including us, wahaha!

--The CLIMAX!--

When I and Kim went on to the Mini - Auditorium, I'm searching for Wittman everywhere. Not knowing that he's only at the Mini - auditorium. Exactly, we went there. He and his family were taking pictures and me? Uhm. Making such moves trying to be cute. Bwahaha! Then, I'm looking at him. Then, I'm telling Kim and Venus that I and Him should have a picture. so, they are the one who drag me near to him. And me? I keep on going far from him. [Arte no?!] Because I'm shy. Imagine. He is with his family. really a shame. But we made such "Hand Signals" for which, I told him to come near our place. But he can't 'cause they are rushing up home. I don't know. Maybe he's with his family and so, he can't go anywhere. Anyway, his parents look kinda strict T__T Wah! My Future parents [Yea, in my dreams again] =)) Then,. I waved goodbye when he looked back again. Wah! I'm so happy. Unexplainable. Swear! Bwahaha :))

~ Buti na lang talaga, pumunta ako. :)) ~

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