Saturday, March 22


Hahaha. This afternoon, I forced my mom and sisters to join me to the Plaza Fair to buy you know, hahaha. HANA -KIMI [Taiwan and Japanese version]. Actually, I really expected that I will buy only one b'coz Japanese series are rare on that store. Thus, I can only buy the Taiwanese., and i saw it before na. :) so, when we reached the store, i'm so excited like. urgh!!.. hahaha. i directly went to the CD station in which, there are lots of tiangges/ pwesto there na maraming CDs. I feel so happy everytime i see CDs [series] hahaha! so, at a certain store, i asked the vendor, like.. "meron po ba kayong HANA- KIMI?" then, she said YES! hahaha. I was delighted. so, she showed me. i was shocked when she handed to me the Japanese version of it. shocked, but happy. hahaha. then, i asked if there is a Taiwanese version. she said. that there's none. Ahww. T__T sadness. :((((..

But then, there are lots of store of CDs there, I continuously searched for the Taiwanese version. Para matahimik na ko. However, I failed to buy. I asked the some of the many vendors there, why?! the reason is, OUT OF STOCK. like. arghh! hmp. I regret. : Kasi, the last time we went there, I saw the Taiwanese Version na eh. 'di pa naman pinalalabas sa ABS -CBN. so. i didn't mind it. Huhuhuhu. If only I could turn back the time, bibilhin ko na talaga 'yun! Hmpf! T__T

But for the mean time, i will keep myself busy on the Japanese Version! Yehey! :))

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