Friday, March 21

Inlove. Damn it!

Not on Multiply, but here ko na trip mag - post. Siguro kase. 'Di maxadong public. Hahaha. BTW, about the title. ...

Yeap. I think so... That I'm in.... ♥ to someone. What happened is.. Hahaha. I'm quite scared. baka makita niya. XD

Hahaha, BTW, he's younger than me. He studies at our school. Thus, we see each other mostly. Because we have the same schedule during our breaks. :D However, I didn't notice him during the early months of this Beautiful School Year. :D .. I only noticed him during our Finals which was held last March [Last Day of the three- day exam of candidates for honors]. yep, I'm an honor student as well as him. When i first saw him sitting on that table, answering the test questions seriously, i was like. you know, struck by Cupid. Hahaha. me either, could not explain what I feel. just. i kept on looking at him that day. until the test day was done.. i wanted to say at least. "Hello!" to him after the test but, I didn't have the guts. in other words, na - duwag ako! :)) Hahaha.

The following day, my closest friends knew it. AS well as my other classmates. Including those who are feeling close sa akin. Kainis! >:P

March 5 -> My friends decided to approach Him [I will not mention the name na lang :P] with me, of course.. Hahaha. We changed the stairs we are taking everytime we go up to our classrooms. Since we are on the same floor, but classrooms are little far. :| Then, during our lunch, we just went up on that stairs and a friend from the same section as his, in which my friend knows was called. And it appeared that my friend is the one having a crush on him. BTW, that classmate of him was the one who called him inside. Hahaha.

para hindi tayo mahirapan, let's have a codename... it will be... wittman. [thanks, venus] :D

then, nag - HI! xa sa amin,.. For ma friends kasi. It's not right na ako lang mag - isap makipag - friends. 'Coz mahahalata niya. May point sila.=P Kaya ayun, para ma - puzzle si Wittman, mga... 5 kaming nakipag - friends sa kanya. Hahaha. *evil laugh* =)) Then, ayun, hindi xa humaharap sa amin nang maayos. T__T nahihiya yata. ayee. :"> :"> Hahaha. Kaya ayun, nag - initiate na ko na lumapit talaga. =)) tapos sabi niya, anu daw Friendster namin. Eh maya - maya. xa na lang 'yung nagbigay ng Friendster niya. he wrote it on a piece of paper. Hahaha. kilig, tapos. the bell rang. for me, i felt like i won on the sweepstakes of something. Basta, I'm really super happy..

That's it for now. Our "Getting- To- Know" Stage. Hahaha.

*His Kindness at that time makes me lose control* XDXDXD

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