Sunday, March 23

Wounds. T__T

Wah! Goshness. Talaga. I'm having lots of wounds these past days. So annoying. O_o
Hmm. As of the moment, I have. Hmmm. 4 yata. Basta. Ayun, 'yung pionaka - una. Dun na nag - start. Eh. Minalas yata.

Kasi, we have cats here sa house, tapos 'yung isa. Small pa lang xa and xa talaga 'yung official na cat namin sa bahay. Hahaha. There are cats kasi sa house na nakiki - kain and nakiki - tambay lang. lol so, ayun. I was sitting beside my sister facing the computer; i was holding the mouse. eh 'yung youngest sis ko, nanggigil na naman [normal lang 'yun sa mga kids=D] so, she's playing with the cat then, tinaas niya tapos biglang bitaw. eh naka - extend 'yung arms ko. so ayun, eh. 'yung nails niya naka - open. parang ganun, eh nahulog xa, maybe she's expecting na may makapitan xa or watsoever. nagkataong nadaanan 'yung arms ko. akala ko kalmot or small bruise lang. Pero, after some uhm. seconds? i realized that it's kinda big, a big scratch. ang it kept on bleeding. :| argh. so, what i did is apply Betadine? [watever] =)). para mabilis na gumaling. but, nung nilagyan ko. argh. dumudugo pa din. it's kinda long pa naman. and 'yung width. uhm. scratch lang naman eh. but,. I am still curious. I had lots of bruise before. But what I had now is definitely different! But, i just let it like that. until it stops bleeding. Bwahahaha. Ayun, the next day, nagkaron na xa ng parang "covering". :D
Speaking of "The NEXT DAY.."

After eating dinner, I just went out of our house to uhm. catch some fresh air?! hahaha. then, my younger brother followed me. he took his bike and ramp it. since may angkasan xa, i wanted na magpa - angkas. and so, he agreed naman [thank Godness]:)). then, ayun. dalawa kaming inangkas niya, me and my youngest sister. since may angkasan sa back and sa front. eh. hindi naman ako pwede sa front [duh?! ang laki ko. O_o] so, ayun. when he started to move, my uhm. lower part leg.. gumasgas sa gulong. I didn't mind it 'cause i'm expecting that it's just nothing. not even a bruise / scratch. but, it kept on aching. thus, it caught my attention. so, i checked it out when i entered our house. when I saw it, it's just nothing. but, it has a different color. insteadd of reddish, it's kinda black. [maybe because of the bike's tire] but then, after some minutes, again, i checked it out. and.. as in. my gosh! it's like a compilation of lots of scratches. and it hurts a lot. it's kinda big. however, thank God that it's just a bruise, a big bruise.

Uhm. With that, I applied a certain ointment. Yes, I can consider it an ointment. Ointment na Vapour Rub. Hahahaha=)) Ang lamig ng feeling. :))

So ayun, another, sa left arm ko, gasgas din. pero, i don't know where i got it. ayun, kasi . when I was in my 2nd year high school [last year lang ito. but it seems na ang tagal tagal na. bwahahaha!]~ my teacher in Biology told us that it's just normal that we will have wounds w/ out any reason. basta lilitaw na daw xa. hmm. anu ba topic namin nun? i forgot na eh. =)) then, ayun. wala na xa ngayon.

Then, 'yung last na wound, anu lang xa actually, parang pantal or something which was bitten by an insect? uhm. specifically, fly? watever. hahaha. there you go, but it hurts. i dunno why. hahaha.

That's ol. My 4 GREATEST WOUNDS as of the moment. Bwahahahaha =))

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