Wednesday, April 16

Eyebags, here they come. @__@

Recently, I've been sleeping very early in the morning. Hahaha. Not late at night. But early in the morning. Hahaha^^ Hmm. Around 2 - 3 AM. Wahaha. Doing.. Uhm. Blogging, etc. Internet stuffs, Watching Series^^ Hahaha. ♥ Love it.
That's why. Though I'm waking up at around 11:30 AM. Usually, my eyebags are still there. Wuhuhu! Alive.. And BIG. Wuhuhu! It sucks. And I'm still doing it now, It's already 1:50 in the morning and I'm still awake. Blogging and watching. Hahaha. At the same time? YUP!
Whut the FF?! =))

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