Monday, April 14

Goodbye Mr. Chatbox.

Mr. Chatbox -- One of the most valuable stuffs here in my Blogspot. However, I didn't thought that it will just disappear like that. Huhuhu..

It happened that I learned how to use for my layout purposes. I was very happy that I changed my layout successfully through the help of Niña and
Anna .
Thanks guys! :))

but, it's not that easy for me. Hahaha. I'm lazy changing those codes / HTML thing. However, I was forced to do so. And, the outcome appeared like that. I have no regrets so far except for Mr. Chatbox. :|

Argh. I know. It's not a big deal for you.. Huhuh [EMO] =)) But, from the very beginning of this blog, Mr. Chatbox is there. Huhu. Oh yeah, I know. I'm gonna put a new Mr. Chatbox..

Goodbye and Thanks Mr. Chatbox! :)

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