Wednesday, May 14

I have no other choice. :(( It sucks...

Going to a public hospital is exhausting. As for me, who have been there for only two times. I don't want to go back any longer. Of course,I have reasons. First of all, going to that certain place with an absolutely different atmosphere, it really is uncomfortable. Secondly, I really want to help my Lolo for his problem in his eye; that is why we are departing to there. It is my first time to experience such things in my entire life. It is a challenge for me. But I really don't want to persist.
In fact, I am the one who do this and that; inquire and arrange those stuffs in the hospital. For my Lolo cannot do it himself. He's hearing sense is poor. Hence, I am the one responsible for it. And I had no other choice but to move.
For a public hospital, it is common to have lots of poor people who patiently wait for their turn to be checked or something. Based on my walk there, it is certainly hard for those poor people. Especially the ones who almost died waiting. I have encountered one who nearly collapsed and he has not yet entertained. Oh, the hospital's name is PGH
I dunno why I do have this feeling that I really don't want to go there anymore. Despite of the long - hour of standing, lining - up and whatsoever stuffs that need to be accomplished there. It is damn tiring.
Apparently, I do not really want to join my Lolo in our second walk to there. But again, I had no other choice. And thus, I was forced to do so. 'Cause if not, who will join him? It will not pursue then. We started this, and we also have to finish it.
Uhh, I really observed several things there for which, I have only seen for the first time in my life.
Tomorrow, we have a matter to finish again there. I will experience this unkind feeling again. IT SUCKS! Definitely. I DON'T WANT TO GO THERE AGAIN, MAN! BUT, I HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE. WHAT AM I GONNA DO? I feel irritated every time my body stands on that place.
My Lolo told me to sleep early because we will leave in the morning. He is already asleep. No one can join him other than me. I REALLY HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE. I FEEL SO DOWN. T__T
Furthermore, this is the first incident for which, I am forced to do something that I really do not want to do. :((
I hate the feeling. =[


archer.bea said...

bakit nasa hospital si lolo? :D

CORINA said...

dahil sa cataract niya. pumupunta punta lang naman kami. he is not staying there. :D

archer.bea said...