Friday, June 13

A continuation. I guess.

Tomorrow, we[Friends Forever headed by Milrose] decided for a swimming at a certain place. Particularly, a unit of the Brother of Milrose. [gulo, no?!]
Anyway, this is the second time for us [Milrose, Kim and Me]. For we have gone to that place and swam last May 1.
The difference this time around is we increased in number. Ang saya saya! :]]
Hmmm. Though I really have valid reasons of not to join them, but on this last minute, I decided to go with them.

What to expect?
Hmmm. Nothing much. Just expecting the best! Haha. Nothing much, huh?! LMAO!
Well. Honestly, I am not in the mood to tell such things. I'm having back bone aches. It makes me nervous indeed. Uhh, please pray that it will go away soon. :)
It hurts. AMP! Bakit ba kasi? Aray naman oh. :(

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