Wednesday, June 18

Simply UNFAIR.

A Fourth Year student - that's what I am now.
and hell yea, I dunno what to feel ever since the First day of Classes.
One thing made me disturbed and uncomfortable, the section I belonged to.
My friends, specifically Milrose, Venus and Kim are all classmates and me?
Oh, never mind. I was separated from them. Just like that. Is it that easy?
I can bear to live up on a four- corner freezing room with the fact that I am in a different section. But the point is, all of my 'FRIENDS'. I mean, friends: those who I can talk to with easily and we had a pinagsamahan in the past, are also on the other section. Yea, I would uneasily confess.
Now, in my part, it is damn hard. Including the truth that almost all our groupings this year are by friends. Erm. I'm so annoyed whenever this is the system [this school year]. Like what happened a while ago. HELL! I wished that I was only dreaming... And the situation is not true. Damn it.
Don't get me wrong.. I don't hate my classmates it's just that they are not the kind of people whom I wanted to be to talk and laugh with. :|

On the other hand, if ever there is an opportunity, I would never ever transfer to the section where my friends belonged to. Hahaha^^ It's weird, ryt?
For some reasons.. :]]

I'm contented with my section but I need at least 1 (ONE) good/close friend of mine to come and join our section. So I will have someone to talk to whenever it is free time. Not like now, gawd. I am always being left alone in our row whenever everyone's getting into their 'daldalan' business.
And me? Oh, don't mind me, it's alright [not really]. I am a LONER, as expected and said. LOL~
I actually do not have the nerve to stick with other people's stuff in the classroom. Out of Place, that would be certainly the result.
Complicated. Etc.
But, this is my DESTINY? WTF. LOL~
Bahala na. Just.. Enjoy?
Well.. Uhm. Hopefully I will/can/should do that! :)

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