Wednesday, October 29

Face Down

I accidentally saw Angelique's phone on the Second Day of Foundation Days. I instantly remembered the drastic incident happened to me and to the phone I brought to school on the first day. I asked her if she has a letter, anyway. She said no... I was alarmed, of course. I already experienced how it is like to confiscate something from you. But she said she has a way if ever the phone was caught. Ok. Breath!
I borrowed her phone for sometime while the BORING program is ongoing. Kinalikot ko 'yung phone niya, in short
I, then arrived on the Music player thingy. I browsed her playlist. I saw the track
'Face Down' by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. The title's pretty familiar. So I listened to it. And... Whoa! I liked the song. Though actually, I cannot hear it clearly since I was using the phone secretly, because phones are stil forbidden to be brought to the school. How annoying! Imagine, it is already Foundation Days, bawal pa din cellphones? f*ck!
Anyway, I promised from that very moment I will download that song once I got home.
And so, I did it. My gosh! It's awesome. The song is awesome. The music, the voice. They are all awesome and marvelous! Wohaa! I think.. I play it 5 or more times a day. I'm that obsessed. :)

I successfully got a cut last night. And I'm sorry. I broke my promise.. The hairdresser did it above the shoulder. Really short! Phew. And take note. I do have a bangs now. A real bangs that I have always dreamed of. Though tumitikwas 'yung sa may dulo. It's alright. Sana ma-carry ko 'to nang maayos sa Tuesday, that's when the classes will resume. Phew! I'm nervous, but thinking I have a companion o 'kadamay' with this struggle, it feels pretty good also. Perhaps, I can't also deny, feel ko 'yung hair ko! Amp. :]

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