Sunday, December 21

December 7 '08 Event

I have shared way back then that Imma go to a guesting of Callalily to the Battle of Bands that will be held near our place.
Well, I made it. The event took place last December 7, or I should say 8 because Callalily came at around 12:30 AM something on the 8th. Of course, I felt ecstatic when I saw them. Gawd. It has been a year! Dang!
I saw some of my classmates and schoolmates at the venue so I settled with them. There went the contestants and everything until I heard that the boys of Callalily are at the backstage. I felt ecstatic that I asked anyone I saw around me to go with me at the backstage; at least to see a glimpse of them with proximity. Good thing I was able to snatch this classmate of mine. Waaah! I was able to see ALL OF THEM closely. Especially Tatsicles. Wah! It is for the first time that I have been that close to him, as well as with the other boys. But.. But.. With Tatsi, I should say that he is much higher in height compared with me. Eee. I could feel my heartbeat beating two times faster than the normal. Watda?! What's with me noww?
The songs they played are mostly from their Debut Album; Destination XYZ; which is a good thing for me. I only knew 2 songs [Susundan and A Starry Night] from their latest album though. I was really happy! Thought a bit disappointed because I wasn't able to have a picture with anyone of them. :(
But it's OK! Hao Le! At least, I saw them again after a year. That was an achievement for me then.

Goodnight people! :)

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