Monday, May 11


Padaan lang dito.
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Erm, nothing much. Use the computer for until 2-3 in the morning then sleep. Then wake up at 11-12 AM. Pretty weird, eh?! Nevertheless, I am indeed, enjoying this vacation despite the very fact that we didn't bother to indulge ourselves, my family into outings/trips and the likes.


Yep, it's confirmed. I have already enrolled @ the Philippine Normal University and will study there starting on June 8. *sighs* Way too early, eh?! Tss. College life, am I ready for it??
My journey going to the school is quite long. For about 2 jeepney rides. Dang! When I enter the school, after facing the smoke and all that, certainly, I will look WASTED. Dang!!!
I know, I don't like what I'm doing and what I will do. But I just need to face this. Everything depends on what the school will bring to me.
Will it give me an impact to stay and finish my studies there?
Or will it give me the drive to leave and enter a college where to pursue the course I really want?! Everything about my future is not yet assured. Because I can feel now that what I will enter is a thing that I am not happy about.


On this very day, we are celebrating our FIESTA! Though the combos and bands were there, I can't still feel the aura/essence of the previous fiestas we had. *wonders* hahaha :) :)

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