Saturday, December 22


So, how is it going? By now, I'm pretty sure you're one of those people who are all like, "can you feel the spirit of Christmas already?" of some sorts. And you're all like, "hell yes, we do! We just went shopping the other day but there are still things that need to be bought so we're going to hit the mall again! yay!" O...kay. That's definitely fun and perhaps, seeing people rushing around to buy stuff in the mall gives a happy and unknown feeling inside you because you know that it's really Christmas!

But the queueing part is another thing. It's almost 2 days away from the actual Christmas day and yet, never have I felt nor appreciated it this year. So many things, tiring and unexpected and frustrating things happened and are happening that I cannot bring myself to fully feel the spirit of Christmas 2012. well, what is life if every moment is always fun, no? Despite all these we and I are going through, I am still happy (but so tired and sleepless and money-less LOL) that because of this, the family is very united. This year's Christmas may not be as joyful and grand as before but the 'genuine' spirit of Christmas is there. It is not always about giving or exchanging gifts with your friends or family members, but it's the thought and the love you have for them. There, I just wished you a happy, cheerful, jolly, blissful and blessed Christmas this year! I love you all lots.

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