Saturday, February 9

A totally unexpected surprise!

Yesterday was the most awaited launching day of Jaejoong's first solo album, "I" in the Philippines! Had no intentions of going because I also had no plans of buying the album (because you know, always broke and all) but since my awesome unnies *slash* ates and gath-buddies Ate Bea, Ate Jo and Ate Hazel have invited me (yup, all of them) I thought I really had to go. The fact that it was held in Glorietta which I only have known the night before added up to the reason.

The thing is, when we arrived at McDo where Ate Bea agreed to meet at, she had to be early at the venue to get freebies, 6 albums were on the table (assuming other friends had told her to proxy-buy for them) and right after I sat down beside her, she pushed one album to me and said "happy birthday". I was in total shock. I mean, who would've expected that? I was thinking I'd accompany them and just be present at the launch since, you know, it's Jaejoong afterall. But this was really something else. Totally unexpected and the gift was just the best I could receive at this time. All the album copies were imported straight from Korea thus the serial numbers are different and rest assured it's original. HUUUUR. I can't help but be speechless. I really do have the best and kindest ates in the world! What to do without them?

I kept thanking them and they always say, jokingly that this gift would extend until my marriage or my child's baptism. LOL!~ 


Thank you, Lord! 

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