Wednesday, March 13

so it ends.

I was backreading some posts in this blog and I realized how much I 've been missing out by not updating for some time. Well, being "busy" could be  an excuse but not that  I  didn't have some spare time be  spent blogging to be squeezed in between.

I'd love to share a glimpse of the highlights of the month that has blown away like nothing happened but seriously, it had been toxic to us.

First: I finally had my Grand Demonstration teaching. YAY! One down.

Second: Another practice teaching wave, which is the portfolio where I pulled some all-nighter just to finish is now ticked off the list.

 Third: Sleep. Yes, sleep is a highlight. Darn I can now sleep all I want and wake up at 9am or later. 

Fourth: Bonded with my fellow practice teachers in Makati Elementary School in Rockwell earlier this day. 

What a fast, memorable and tiring quarter it was. 

And here's a picture of myself. HIHIHI PAGBIGYAN NA. Minsan lang yan :D 

Thank you, Lord! ^_^

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