Friday, March 29


I don't want to forget. That's why I thought I'll put this thing here, for future references.

Out of curiosity that I google-d a story which title I randomly saw on twitter; and didn't know was actually a fanfic and I was attracted to the summary so I read it -- it being a boy-to-boy story and all. So yeah. The title of the story's THROAM (The Heart Rate Of A Mouse). Took me days to finish the whole thing because it was shitless long but very good that at night, I try to push my sleepiness away just to go on with the story. I have never experienced doing that in the fanfics I read before so yeah. It is only after I finished the whole novel-like length and really good fanfiction have I started researching on who the characters are. I also found people who are into the pairing on twitter and it is really fun because you have them to understand your feelings, hear your rants and all.

Anyway, so much for that, but here are they. They are called RyDen (Ryan Ross x Brendon Urie) from the band Panic! At The Disco which I'm not really into but little by little, since yesterday, I find myself watching videos of them but sadly, they currently have girlfriends which my mind and heart can't seem to accept because they just look good and perfect together, reading the fanfic didn't help because it gave me too much mental images and hope. But anyway, I have no regrets because they really are adorable creatures I never expect to know (being in KPop and all) so yeah.

So here's a photo of them and omg they are...*sobs* so handsome, made for each other.

Ryan on the left; Brendon on the right. <3 p="">

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