Monday, March 31


I'm currently being obsessed again. [ As usual :)) ] On the Taiwanese Group; FAHRENHEIT
like.. I'm so damn obsessed. As in! :))


> WU ZUN --> Hehehe~~ COOL
Basta. I like WU ZUN and ARRON YAN more. Hindi naman sa hindi ko gusto 'yung other two. Pero , for me mas cute talaga silang dalawa. Though, cute silang lahat. :D
Since Kim; one of my best Buddies let me watch their Music Videos. I liked them already. =D Bwahahahaaa! They're so HOT. Darn!, Cute [Definitely], possess amazing voices. I didn't expect that their voices are nakaka - inlove. Hahaha. That is why I'm being curious about them more and more. Wahaha! By the way, I have noticed that their songs are fast; as if they are on a rush. Though the melody is mild, when they sing, it's hard to catch - up. Wahaha. But, I like them to da max pa din. As in. Uhm.. I play their songs: AI DAO & WO YOU WO DE YOUNG again and again. LOL~ Walang sawa. Wahaha! I wanna see them personally, too. I want to go to Taiwan [as if] just to see them and you know, greet them is already a big thing for me. LOL~

*Day - dreaming mode* XD Bwahaha. As if~

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