Thursday, April 3

This makes me nervous..

Guess what....

Hehehehe. :))

As for students like me, you guys can relate to me well..


Ok. I'll tell it. Just for 1 condition..

Oh, forget it. I'll tell..

No. Uhm.. What now?! Oh.. I'm sorry if I'm making such nonsense.. Because I'm just kinda Nervous, you know. :D

Ok. Fine. It's just. Uhmm... Tomorrow is.. The....


[Nyay! Finally, huh?!]

I'm not thinking too much when this time comes. Wahaah! it's just that I'm slightly nervous. Oh, it's nothing. Forget it. Should I post my grades after I got my Report Card?! No. That's not a good idea. It's just a BIG shame! Hahaha. =))
After all, this is the last quarter of the school year. Hmmm..

This thing makes me nervous again.. :-SS

I'm already Fourth Year this coming school year. Nyay! :|

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