Thursday, April 17

Anna's request. :)

How would I start?! Any topic? Hmm. Let's wait until something pops out from my mind.. Hmm.. I just updated my Welcome Message om my Multiply. And.. Anna asked me what's Ate Leni's URL on Blogspot. Haha^^ I guessed it right! Yey! Hmm.. Anna also asked me where can she get themes for her Multiply. And so, I answered her. Hmm.. Wah! What am I gonna type now?! Urrrghh. Hahaha^^~ Anyway, I asked my mom to buy SAGO in the market because.. Hmm. Nothing. Just want to eat it on it's own or mix it with whatever. Hahaha. Maybe I missed those times when we eat Halo Halo in Lucena. Haha. Ingredients were cooked by my Lola. Hmm.. I remember it again. Yummy! Hahaha^^
What do I think about BLOGGING?!
> Hmm. For me, it's a lot of fun. If you got no one to tell your stuffs, then just type it and publish it. Many people will read it. As if you're sharing it to them. Hahaha. It's a GOOD feeling, either. Perhaps, you are also enhancing your 'typing' skills. Hahaha. For your information, that's also for your OWN benefit. Hahaha^^
My youngest sister, a 4- year old little girl bought a chick. Hahaha. Sisiw on Tagalog. She loves pets / animals, really. She doesn't feel scared. Hahaha. She's braver than us, her older siblings. Anyway, going back to the TOPIC. Huh?! What topic am I in?! Oh, forget it. My LOLO naman hates chicks. Hahaha. As usual, nothing's new. Always like that. Hahaha. Joke^^ Because in his opinion, an ordinary CHICK or any CHICK is a carrier of that certain disease. What do you call that?! BIRDFLU Oh yea, Hahaha^^ However, you know, kids like US are very Hard-Headed. Hahaha. What elders don't like, that's what we, kids like. Hahaha. I'm a kid. A kid - minded. LOL~ =)) Hahaha.

Woohh. I think this is enough. Different thoughts for you to atleast, slightly remove you BOREDOM as of the moment. Hahaha. =))

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