Thursday, April 17

My Look - alike?! WTF?! =))

I've encountered such thing before. Hahaha. I'll not mention who's my look alike then. But now, there is another one again. For which, kamukha ko daw talaga?! Hahaha.
It started when Niña gave me a comment at Friendster. She said that I have a look - alike on PBB. I was very curious who is it when I read it. Hahaha. But unfortunately, I cannot figure out who it is because our cable doesn't have Channel 2. T__T How sad.. But anyway, hahaha. We left that topic at that time. This week, I opened my Yahoo! Messenger after a long time of not checking it. Hahaha.. My schoolmate and friend, Christina gave me PM which says, 'Corina, May kamuka ka sa PBB Like.. Huh?! Hahaha^^ Eh. She's great in searching pics, etc. Then, I asked her.. Who is it?1 Give me a pic naman. Then, she gave me. Hahaha. I saw the girl. Her name's Linda.She looks like may lahi.. Ahihihi ;]] Then, Christina said. 'Ikaw yata 'yan eh=))'
I told her it is a big NO! Hahaha. =))

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