Monday, April 14

Believe it or NOT!

I woke up at around 10 at the morning.. Went I went down, it seemed to be quiet. Unusual for me. Because my younger sisters are loud. Hahaha=))

I just saw my Lolo playing Solitaire. Oh, not on the computer. But, manually. I asked him. Where are they?! He answered me that they just went out with my mother & father to buy something.

And so, I lingered. Hahaha. Our house is messy but I didn't mind it. I went to our table, eat. Yea. :)) Hahaha. Then, opened the television. Luckily, the time I opened, the channel is Studio 23 And, a Music Video of Myx was being played. Thus, I didn't changed the channel. Until I knew that it was Pinoy Myx Countdown Hahaha. Oh yeah, after a century, I finally watched Myx again.

I started up on the half part of the countdown. Hmmm. Around.. Number 10. I love it! Hahaha. I am happy that almost all of the Music Videos in the Top Ten were dominated by OPM artists. Yehey! Hahaha:))

All of those videos I saw earlier, I saw them for the first time. Hahaha. What a Shame! Anyway, we don't have Myx! talaga. for a long time. A century?! Nu - uh..
Then there's Pasubali, hahaha. And I doubted that SUSUNDAN - Callalily will be on the No. 1 spot. And it's so happened.

And the thing is this.. Haha..

It is my FIRST TIME to see the video fully.[ No wonder ]. Hahaha^^ I've only seen the trailer for so long ago. But I haven't seen the Video talaga.

If sa YouTube, our computer is kinda 'damaged'. It doesn't produce sounds. What's the sense of watching that?! Hahaha^^

But, finally, I've watched it. Nice song, and cool but a HOT video. Why HOT?! Damn! The shoot it at the desert. how couldn't it be HOT?! Another thing, they're wearing jackets. Darn! Ang HOT siguro nun. Anyway, did they really shoot that at the desert? Ughh,, I have no news about them really. But, it's ok. At least, I've watched it. And it's a BIG deal for me. Do I seem to be shallow?! Hahaha. :))

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