Monday, April 14

Welcome back, Corina

Ahahaha. Wah! Hang Over?! Not. Hahaha

My vacation went well.. EAT, sleep, watch TV, Soundtrip, Idle moments. Etc.

There was my Grandma, Grandfather, My cousins and the people there. They almost haven't changed. Hahaha. However, I was also amazed when I saw the streets there. It changed. Hahaha, really. It's not like a province anymore as I expected. Instead, it's like a city na. Hahaha.

I have a lot of experiences there at our exactly 1 (one) week of stay. It's a lo of fun. Though at first, it was boring. Haha.. Time passes by quickly. As days pass, I can't feel any boredom already. Hahaha. :))

Ayun. Basta. Hahaha. Masaya. Then I got addicted to something na naman. May mga umeepal. Etc. Ganun.

..Uh. Uh. And.. I'll tell you, nagpagupit ako. Ay! Este, nagpabawas. Hahaha. When I got home from the parlor. Everyone at the house didn't notice my newly - cut hair. How sad T__T.. Kung hindi ko pa sinabi, hindi pa nila mano - notice. T__T Hahaha. EMO! Joke. It's just fine. Anyhows, it's just fine. Hahaha=))

That's all. Haha=))

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