Thursday, May 8

The other way around.

Shetski. =))
*pauso ko lang. LOL~*

It's already 3:13 AM in our PC's time. Gawd. Nothing New. It's always been like this. Blogging and doing stuffs in or even until morning, usually. Hahaha^^

I just finished doing a clip of as usual, hahaha. Fahrenheit && S.H.E. But still, not yet uploading it to that site. Whatever it is. :)
Just because of it takes a very long time uploading it. Around.. Hmmm. More than 4 -5 hours. Gosh. What time will I sleep then if I do it now? And besides, hmm. My eyebags. Lumalaki na naman sila. XD XD

Gosh. I missed blogging in English. Hahaha. These past days/ weeks I've been used on using tagalog words in everything that I do using typing. Blah Blah.
Maybe after some days, I'll go back on that habit. Nothing's wrong then. I'm more comfortable using that beautiful language of ours. Hahaha. :D

So.. Uhm. About the title. The thing is. Like.. My days this vacation are the other way around. I'm awake in the morning, just like now. And asleep in the morning. Like.. Huh?!

Yep, it's true. weird, right?! Hahaha. Simply because I'm used to it. However, when the school starts, I need to be used to the usual way. Hahaha^^ That's all. :D :D

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