Tuesday, June 3

100th Post. :]]

Despite of the fact that my legs are weary, what had happened was the one that counts. :D

Had our dinner at our standard time -- quite late from the usual moment of a Filipino Family's dinner time. We are used to this sort.
Really, the food is satisfying and so we are satisfied- in spite of Kako's Stomach Ache. He was acting as if it hurts so much.
I am not saying I was not convinced by Him. In fact, I really was. However, when he said he thinks that it is ulcer, I almost freaked out.
It isn't obvious [on his figure] and thus, it is somewhat impossible on my view. :D
But, he had it, the pain. Though he has this, he has still the nerve to go to PureGold to buy a bag of Hotdogs - almost gone by now. :D and A Sterilized Milk.
When he came back, he Immediately asked me to cook some pieces for him and so for my Lolo - it seems that he is eager to have a piece or two most probably because we [the family] haven't ate Hotdogs For a long time, sincerely. :)
I do love cooking and considered kako's request. Including the fact that it only requires frying. What bothers me is Lolo keeps asking 'luto na ba?' from time to time.
It's irritating me, really. I just ignored him, as usual.


It is almost 11PM, I guess. Our family has this routine of buying something for a late snack. Particularly, Carbonara somewhere over there. :))
My mama opened up that she wants an order of Carbonara. Though I was not really on the mood, I voluntarily suggested that I will be the one to buy.
Because all the time, Kako is the one whose in - charge of the buying stuff. But since he is having stomach pains, he slept early.
They gave me the money and I left, using Kako's bike. The streets where I passed by seem to be quiet and peaceful. Unlike what we commonly observe every daytime. Including the unfresh yet, cold air that blows onto me. *sighs* It is somehow relaxing.
I departed and arrived safely, thank goodness. :]
Suddenly, my sister's Carbonara was brought to my Papa by herself. Seems that she wants him to taste it. Unluckily, my father appears to like it.
He instantly told me to buy again for my sister. Meaning, he will already eat and replace the Carbonara of my sister.
Phew, I had no choice again! Damn.
I obviously went to that particular store and bought. This time, I took my youngest sister with me. She hopped with me into the bike.
Urgh, hassle! I was also carrying her, something like that. And yea, it was tiring especially while we are at that road with the 'pataas' effect.
Truly, it is an ache on my legs who keep the bike moving. We, most especially me, myself is heavy. That is why it is quite killing.
Yet, it is still a good exercise. Plus I keep on talking while doing that stuff. Hell. I really do not know what is in me. :)
And.. That's it. A very good time! Like my bonding time with my younger sister. Amusing la~ :))


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