Thursday, June 5

The Last Time. :]]

Wee~ I'd rather feel delighted than to mock at a certain corner.
Tomorrow will be the Last Time of my 'escort stuff' to my Lolo to that Hospital.
I admitted that I really do not want to go back to that place any longer. But because of the situation, I am forced. Wrong! Not forced.. Hmm. somewhat forced :)
Going back, I said it is the last time for classes will start, finally.
Really don't know that will happen tomorrow. Will it be the Official Day of the Operation?
Urgh, really, a Public Hospital, what can you expect?
From the thousands of people who patiently bear the system there, including us; the unfriendly staffs, they suck! :|, lost files, DISORDER!, Definitely. It is hell.
That is why I don't want to come back. Gawd.
However, because we can have a big discount there - financial aspect, we are being patient of going back there depending on the schedule given. Huh?
My vacation's almost over, and that's 2 months.
In that 2 months of going there with my Lolo, still, his case has not yet taken action yet. Sad to say. :| :|
Whatever happens tomorrow, come what may. Blah blah blah.
Perhaps, this is the ULTIMATE! Hahaha. Hahaha. Hahaha!!! >:P


archer.bea said...

binasa to ni mama at papa..
you write well daw.

CORiNA WU :] said...

Hala ka. Hala. Nakakahiyaa! Sobra. :|
Grabeee. :|
Superr Shyyy!!!!!!!!!!! :((

anna braga le'te said...

so sorry!