Friday, September 26


My life is getting more and more upsetting.
Gusto kong mag-post eh. But I don't really wanna share what I'm feeling right now.
I just want to cry, that's all. Pero walang luha na lumalabas sa mata ko..
Above anything else, I'M NOT EMO!.. I'm just a person. At times, fragile and broken. I need to cry to express and release the sadness I feel inside.
For the first time, I posted something like this. (=/)
I don't want to be bitter. Not now, and not more on the future. I'd never be bitter. I'd rather smile, hide the pain for a while and let go. There's no space for bitterness!

I'm just gonna share to you random stuffs na pinaggagagawa ko presently. Weird :|

> First of all, 1st day ngayon ng concert ng Fahrenheit. Their first stop is in Hong Kong.. [how I really wish I was there.. Behind them.. Supporting them, cheering for them! That's the happiest thing that will occur in my life, if ever that happens]

> I hate someone right now. Well. The 'hatred' is getting less. Besides, as I have said, I don't want to be bitter. Fake a smile!

> I'm currently watching a Japanese-Korean drama entitled: Friends.. I exchanged it with the DVD I bought, which is Bull Fighting. The series isn't complete that's why I returned it. And now, I got the series I am currently watching.

> Ateneo won over La Salle in the Season 71 of the UAAP. OMG, Go Ateneo! Go Chris! XD

> I missed the UAAP cheerdance performance of the schools who fought. I want to watch the performances especially of the champ, UP.

> I've finally gotten over of Wittman. Plus! I feel annoyed whenever I see him. Haha. Pagdating sa kanya, ok lang na mainis ako. Wala na namang 'spark' eh. Besides, hindi lang naman ako ang pissed sa kanya. I have companions. =D

> I don't feel well. Different parts of my body aches. Lame.

> I found out that the Fahrenheit boys are all injured this time. And they actually ignored these injuries and decided to pursue on their tour concert. I'm a bit worried on them because I LOVE THEM, down to Earth!

> The fact that I do not have anything more to write in here. So lastly,

> There are 90 more days remaining before Christmas!

Thanks for reading this meaningless post. Thanks for your time. CE forever! =)

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