Sunday, September 28

My Sunday :)

For quite an early morning, I'm up.
Well, have promised myself I will list the things I have to do for this day and have it all done.
The list is quite short yet, brought a big fuss to me.
I just wanted to relax the whole day. But I can't. My tooth aches badly. Suckssss!
I have lots of homeworks to be accomplished today. Darn! That's a rush, well, for me. :)
Our day-out happened again. We went to the Seaside for Lolo, to catch some fresh air, and went straightly to the mall.. We need to buy something related to school. I can say, school supplies, that sounds better. :D
While we are on the seaside, we're like camera whores. As if we never held a camera before. Especially Bebeng. Dang! She's annoying. But I'm more annoying. Why am I so irritated with what she is doing when I'm actually doing the same way? Weird and Lame again!

On our way to the mall, it's been quite traffic. We are on that certain spot when I accidentally turned on the car behind us. Woo! This guy is.. OMG. He's on the driver seat and is looking at me [as if! He's looking at me because he needs to. And if not, he's finished.] Oops! I mean, they. He's with his girlfriend, I bet. I forgot to tell, he's extremely cute. He looks like Chris Tiu of the Ateneo Blue Eagles. And OMG, his car is so damn hot. As same as he. :)
Sad to say, I just had a glimpse of him. I want more of him! Though from afar and only with a look.

That's all. Well. Not really. Those are just the highlights of the day. I'm gonna share this picture of ME! =D
Taken by my mother, initiated by me. The edit thing is by the cellphone so, thanks to him/her? Whatever! Haha. :))

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