Tuesday, October 7

Help me kill the tedium.

Everyday, a student like me is naturally at school. Unless sick or not feeling well, considered as absent.

At our section, every month, we change our sitting arrangement. Yeah, I will almost experience sitting near the 4-corners of the room. And for this month, luckily, I am destined to be on the middle. Hell! I don't want to be placed at the left or right sides. For sure, I will always be feeling sleepy. :/
And so that's how it goes..
I'll share it to you, though I have a seat mate, 'cause I'm sitting by the boundary, everyday felt like I'm always not in the mood studying. If not, my right hand is under my chin, my face looks like this: >o<
BORRINGG! Men, it kills me. But I prefer it this way. I don't feel talking that much to people whom I am not close with. It's better off this way =)

Though there are really these times when I am at my 'hyper mode'. I feel like talking and talking, I'm freaking out, almost. Haha! Well. It's me. There's nothing you can do about that. Think I'm weird? Go on! :)

I just wanted to post. My mind's washed through out. We had just two-consecutive quizzes for this day. We have assignments, PROJECTS:| Hell, bahala na whatever.
It's just very tiring though we sat the whole day. And behold, this Cheerdance Competition went along. I'm a yeller for four-consecutive years.. From my first year to fourth year. I have never changed my position whenever this competition approaches. Haha! I'm indeed, loyal. :)

That's all. Urgghhh. Headache! Rawrr. x-(


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