Friday, October 3

Tons, loads, what else?

This post is for those people who think that a student's life is simple and effortless. :)

You thought being a student is that easy?

Yes, we sit all day long on our chairs, stare to our teachers' faces and listen to what on earth are they saying, but there is more than that that we do inside the school. Beyond what you think it may be.

Assignments are kinda fine but I'm telling you, if you are in our place, it will definitely give you a headache. Haha, Yes, YOU! :] One best example is what I am experiencing noww. :|

Projects are all going into my nerves as of this moment. Take note, that's with an S. Because of its abundance, I don't know what to do first, until now, nothing has been finished yet. Damn! The deadlines of these projects are chasing me and us, the class. Imagine, our project in our ICT [Computer Subject] class, is to build, design and make our own website using HTML. It was given to us about a week ago. And the deadline would be on the 21st of this month. That soon! What could we do? I don't know what am I supposed to put in there. Are we supernaturals?
Aside from this, we have lots of to-do's in the line. The heck, so, this is how it feels to be a Senior Student. But I can't actually feel the pressure. I still practice the same routine I am into. Computer can't be out of the scene. Somebody knock off my head to wake me up from my sleep and return me to REALITY.

I just bought a new Taiwanese Drama CD, Smiling Pasta. Weee~ Imma watch it later. It's already 12:17 AM. Haha, later is later so maybe I'd not sleep again? OMG. What happened to the Prime Minster if Taiwan? I heard it on the news.

Anyway, tomorrow, I think we will go to PUP to submit my app. form.
Tomorrow will also be the Candyfair! Haha, go go go!

i'm not actually going. I just felt putting that thing in there:)

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