Monday, October 27

If only..

If only I could read and understand the Mandarin language.. Then there would be no fuss and hassles.
Just now, as I was informed, Fahrenheit Family Philippines shared this thread where it has the link of a certain website wherein anyone, most especially FRH and SHE fanatics will have the chance to chat with the real Chun, Calvin, Jiro, Aaron, Hebe, Ella and Selina!
It might be unbelievable, but this is a very rare and great opportunity for us.
The title goes as: 'Chat with FRH + SHE 10/27/08'at 3 pm.
I wasn't online yet at exactly 3:00. Little did I know about this, neither. It just happened that Daph told me about it. Thus, I went online at around 3:45. Apparently, not having the nerve to do so. I was hopeless, just giving up like that. But, luckily, I gave it a try and finally, found my self on the website link given.

As a Dial-up user, my motto is: 'Patience is a virtue'. Actually, the site is quite slow, with the window title in Mandarin. I waited for sometime. And.. OMG! At last! It appeared! But, uh... I cannot understand a thing. It's all written in the Mandarin language. Except those messages rendered by my Fellow-Fahrenheit Family members. Aww. How sad. Nevertheless, I just typed my message for Fahrenheit and SHE. Without understanding well what to do.
Of course, I had problems at first on posting it. But I tried, until to the point that I almost gave up.. But I did it! Successfully. My heart felt delighted. Hoping that they could understand and read that. Since there are thousands of posts posted. Seems that. Fans from different parts of the world send messages every second. Making my one and only post be pushed down, not visible. Made me think there is 40% chance they could see it. But, will they be able to understand? Hmm. Maybe yes, Cal or Chun? Hihi. Daydreaming! :]

See my message:

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