Saturday, October 25

The Seniors' Victory

And the latest news of the century........

*plays Disturbia - Rihanna*


Oh yea. It's very clear and true. We, the Seniors got the precious First place for the First-ever competition of Cheerdance at our school! It's hell overwhelming. Obviously, we beat the other year levels. Most especially the Juniors, our greatest rival ever! What an accomplishment for us. Moreover, they landed at cellar's spot, which is the 4th place in the final standing. It happened this afternoon. Despite of the hindrances like the lame and dreadful weather, we made it! Oh fate and destiny and all! Haha :) A tearful moment after the winners [from the 4th to the 1st placers] were announced. We shouted and jumped for joy. A Euphoria, indeed! The whole thing was 'sulit'. Can't help to miss every moment of joy. Hugging each fellow- seniors, tears falling for joy! Waaaahh. This triumph of ours is a reward for all the efforts we have exerted for this competition! I love it :]

*banner courtesy of our hardworking props; headed by Kim:)*

Seniors, Shine On! :)

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