Sunday, October 12

Perplex Math

I just had the thought of formulating a wish that every equations in Mathematics; particularly in Trigonometry are undefined.

I'm starting to be out. Out of this world again, with math. I dunno. I'm spinned up with our recent lessons in our Trigo class. I mean, as a student, it is my obligation to fully understand and comprehend those darn stuffs. I'm not actually complaining, just asking and truly wondering why there is such a thing like that existing?!
Like what we are always saying in our class: can we buy a kilo of rice using: x2+x3= 0?
Could the vendors understand what on the earth are we saying? It's so damn crazy. :\
Besides, I have no plans of being a Math Geek, an Engineer or Architect, Interior Designer, or everything else.
Simpler Math is a big help to survive.

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